College Station City Council looking at park land expansion, improvements in Southside

Published: Jul. 9, 2020 at 6:42 PM CDT
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COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KBTX) - Thursday night’s College Station City Council meeting has several items being discussed that will bring new improvements for residents.

The council approved a $2.35 million contract safety improvements in the historic Southside Neighborhood.

It will include things like new sidewalk access to schools, better drainage and rehabilitating Park Place, Holik Street, Glad Street and Anna Street.

“There’s always kids walking down the street and I’m always as teacher like just so just stressed out for them like I want to make sure that they are staying safe. I think that will be a great addition to this neighborhood,” said Julia Rimoldi, a College Station resident who lives in Southside.

" I think that is an excellent idea. Those kids, this area is just really busy all the time. There’s a lot of college students that don’t necessarily drive super safely. As safely as they should,” said Rimoldi.

“There’s not sidewalks, and actually there’s still roadside ditches in the area, not storm sewer underneath the road, so when it rains those ditches fill up and it makes it, there’s no where to walk so students are a lot of times walking in the streets,” said Emily Fisher, College Station Assistant Director of Capital Projects.

Fisher said the project should start later this summer.

“The streets right now are currently asphalt streets so they will be concrete, will go back with concrete and pretty much the same width but adding in those sidewalks, bike lanes on some of those streets,” said Fisher.

The city council is also unanimously approved converting nearly 200 acres of green land space into park space adjacent to existing city parks.

“We’ll have bike trails and hike trails, won’t be ballparks, it won’t be tearing down a lot of trees. It’ll be a natural setting and it’ll be very pleasant for a lot of folks,” said Mayor Karl Mooney of College Station.

Mooney said the expansion comes at no cost. The land is already owned by the city. He said they’ll seek grants for future improvements.

“Dr. Crompton, John Crompton who’s back on our city council deserves some credit for bringing this forward as a future agenda item. You know the city owns quite a bit of green space around town,” said Mooney.

Residents like Rimoldi think the new park space will be nice.

Especially during quarantine I know not a lot of options on what to do with your kids,” said Rimoldi.

The Southside improvements are expected to take nine months to a year to complete once work begins. We will keep you posted on council action Thursday.

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