Madison County still waiting to get updated numbers on recovered COVID-19 cases

There have been delays with figures coming back from the Texas Department of State Health Services.
Published: Jul. 10, 2020 at 5:57 PM CDT
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Madisonville, Texas (KBTX) - COVID-19 cases in Madison County continue to climb according to the county’s emergency management coordinator. As of Friday they said there were 51 active cases and 64 cases in total.

But the full number of people recovered isn’t known. There have been delays with figures coming back from the Texas Department of State Health Services.

The official count Friday was only 13 according to the county’s emergency management coordinator, Shelly Butts.

”Madison County’s a small county. We hear a lot of people will call and say, ‘Hey I got COVID and I want to let you know I’m feeling better now.’ We can’t record that on our stats. We have to wait until DSHS makes that call on there and they’re just so overwhelmed and so backlogged that it could take some time for us to get that,” said Butts.

She said compiling all the other numbers also creates some challenges.

“What we’re seeing is we see quite a fluctuation in numbers across the board. The DSHS state online dashboard shows one set of numbers, then get a set of numbers from our Public Health Region 7 DSHS. We get that set of numbers and then we get a line list from DSHS Region 7 so we’re taking all of that data, looking through it and all those numbers appear to be different,” said Butts.

“Getting accurate data has been a struggle from the very, very beginning. That’s real problematic especially when you’re being expected to make decisions that’s going to impact your community based on the data that you hope is right and I can understand the challenge that they’re facing at the state level,” said Tony Leago, Madison County Judge.

“Try to keep our folks as accurately assessed as to what’s going on in our county as we possibly can and I’m sure the other counties are facing the same thing,” he added.

Stacy Bennett is recovering from COVID-19. “I’ve given birth three times and I would rather do that 3,000 times than have this... I had nausea, diarrhea. The back pain, it feels like the flu,” Bennett said.

The Madisonville resident and school teacher is out of quarantine. She was sick for about two weeks.

“Nothing has ever stopped me dead in my tracks to where I couldn’t do anything. I mean I was in the bed,” said Bennett.

It’s believed other people in the county have also recovered but they are still waiting on that data.

”I think as a county we’re doing well obviously. We’re fairing a little better than most counties and we just need to keep being smart and do what we can and take it very seriously. Take it very seriously but you can make it,” said Bennett.

She said she didn’t like wearing a mask before she got sick, but takes it seriously now.

“Stay safe. Stay away. Wear your mask. Use your antibacterial gel and be considerate," said Bennett.

“Even though I’m 53 and I made it, be considerate of our elderly population and because I am a teacher you kids out there take it seriously. Don’t go to big parties, groups, do what you can. Don’t think about yourself. Think about your mom, your dad, your grandparents and take it seriously,” said Bennett.

On July 14 the Madisonville Lions Club is giving out face masks at the Kimbro Center on the Square. It will be first-come, first-served.

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