Staying safe in the heat

With temperatures climbing up into the triple digits this weekend, learn how you can beat the heat and stay safe out in the sun.
Staying safe in the heat
Staying safe in the heat(KBTX)
Published: Jul. 9, 2020 at 7:11 PM CDT
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) - As high pressure sets up over the state of Texas, temperatures are headed for the triple digits over the next several days. With the sunshine on hand, plans to grill outside with the family or head out to the lake might sound like pretty good ways to spend the weekend.

Heat indices are forecasted to sit around 110 degrees heading into the beginning of next week - and remember - that’s what it feels like in the shade! So if you’re planning on being outside for extended periods of time, there are several heat safety tips that can help you enjoy the outdoors and still beat the heat:

- Take breaks in the shade

- Stay hydrated

- Apply & reapply sunscreen

- Wear loose clothing

Along with wearing loose clothing, the actual color of your clothing can also play a role in how much heat you retain on a hot day.

Lighter-colored shirts tend to reflect the sun’s rays better, while shirts that are darker tend to absorb them. You can watch an experiment testing the differences in temperature between various shirts out in the sun below:

As we get closer to the hottest time of the year, it’s also worth noting just how hot the inside of a vehicle can get within a small amount of time. To put things in perspective, if the outside temperature was 80 degrees - the inside of a vehicle would already be sitting at 99 degrees after ten minutes time, and 114 degrees after 30 minutes. That being said, it’s important to never leave a child or a pet in a hot car. There are several tips that can help prevent child vehicular deaths, especially in the summer months:

- Never leave a child or a pet alone in a car, and lock the doors and trunks to ensure they don’t accidentally lock themselves in

- Place something that you’ll need at your destination - like a purse or cellphone - in the backseat

- Contact authorities if you see a child alone in a car

These heat safety tips can help everyone stay safe and enjoy the outdoors during these hot summer days.

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