Brazos County confirms one death, 17 residents hospitalized

This is a current count of COVID-19 cases in the Brazos Valley as of midday. Additional information on these cases, when available, can be found on the KBTX homepage.
Brazos Valley COVID-19 cases
Brazos Valley COVID-19 cases(KBTX)
Published: Aug. 10, 2020 at 11:46 AM CDT
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) -The Brazos County Health District has reported 14 additional positive cases of COVID-19 in Brazos County. Currently, there are 322 active cases and 17 Brazos County residents are hospitalized.

One death has been reported in the last 24 hours, the resident was a female in her 50′s who was hospitalized. There have been 49 total deaths in Brazos County related to COVID-19. There was a death reported on Saturday that brought the total deaths to 48, that number was not reported when the Brazos County Health District sent out the Sunday, Aug. 9 update.

No one has been discharged from the hospital in the last 24 hours. 3,698 patients are classified as recovered, which means they have been fever-free for 72 hours without fever-reducing medications, and it has been 10 days after onset of symptoms.

The total number of confirmed positive cases in the county since testing began is 4,069. There have been 33,120 tests performed.

The Brazos County hospital total bed occupancy is at 66 percent, and the total ICU bed occupancy is at 63 percent.

Here is a breakdown of confirmed COVID-19 cases by zip code in Brazos County:

  • 77801: 359
  • 77802: 350
  • 77803: 1,168
  • 77807: 261
  • 77808: 200
  • 77840: 701
  • 77845: 931
  • 77859: 1
  • 77868: 8
  • Unknown: 90

Zip codes 77843, 77862, 77866, and 77881 are P.O. Boxes and technically should not contain cases since they do not contain patient addresses. They belong to Texas A&M University, Kurten, Wellborn, and Millican respectively.


CountyActive CasesTotal Cases
San Jacinto27177

Most of the Brazos Valley falls under state trauma service area N (Brazos, Burleson, Grimes, Leon, Madison, Robertson and Washington counties). Trauma Service Area N currently reports 448 staffed hospital beds with 169 beds available. According to the state’s latest data, the region has 3 available ICU beds and 42 available ventilators. The state’s last update listed 41 lab-confirmed COVID-19 patients currently in the hospital.

Austin County has reported 82 active cases of COVID-19 . The county has 242 total cases and 145 recovered cases and four deaths.

Burleson County currently has 183 active cases of COVID-19. The county has 242 total cases, and 51 cases have recovered. There have been six deaths.

Grimes County currently has 383 active cases. There have been 876 total cases and 468 recoveries.

According to its website, Houston County has confirmed 348 total cases of COVID-19. There are 37 active cases and 131 cases are recovered. There have been four COVID-19 related deaths. Eastham prison currently has three active cases and 173 recovered cases.

Lee County has reported 136 active cases. The county has a total of 173 cases, with 26 recoveries and 10 deaths.

Leon County currently has 108 active cases. The county has 143 total cases, with 33 recoveries and two deaths.

Madison County has reported 323 active cases. The county has a total of 666 cases with 341 recoveries and two deaths.

Milam County currently has 32 active cases of COVID-19. There have been 346 total cases and 314 recovered cases. There are currently three patients hospitalized, and three COVID-19 related deaths.

Montgomery County has 1,800 active cases of COVID-19. There have been 6,654 total cases and 4,592 recovered cases. There are currently 48 people hospitalized, and there have been 90 COVID-19 related deaths.

Robertson County has 105 active COVID-19 cases, with 244 total cases. Currently, 139 patients have recovered and there has been one reported death. Below are the zip codes associated with active cases:

  • 77859 - 63
  • 77856 - 22
  • 77837 - 9
  • 76629 - 10
  • 77867 - 0
  • 77882 - 1

San Jacinto County currently has 27 active cases of COVID-19. The county has a total of 177 cases with 142 recoveries and 8 deaths.

Trinity County currently has 35 active cases of COVID-19. The county has 156 total cases with 117 recoveries and four deaths.

Walker County has 3,138 total cases of COVID-19. Out of the total, 708 cases are active in the community and 477 are recovered community cases. 1,953 cases are from the TDCJ. For more information on Walker County COVID-19 case numbers, click here.

Waller County has 108 active cases of COVID-19. There are 440 total cases and 332 recovered cases.

Washington County currently has 323 active cases of COVID-19. The county has 515 total cases with 153 recoveries and 39 deaths.

For the latest updates from TDCJ, click here.


Statewide, Texas has an estimated 133,058 active cases and 344,845 recoveries. There have been 486,362 total cases reported and 4,025,864 total tests (both viral and antibody).

To date, 8,459 Texans have died from COVID-19.

250 of 254 counties in the state of Texas are currently reporting cases. Harris County leads the state in total cases with 84,600 cases reported.

The state’s last update was provided on August 9 at 3:20 p.m.

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