Local pediatrician talks COVID-19 among kids during back to school season

Kids wearing face masks
Kids wearing face masks
Published: Aug. 14, 2020 at 11:28 AM CDT
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) - Students are heading back to school and they will be required to wear facemasks in close quarters with other kids.

Dr. Emily George with Baylor Scott & White was on BVTM Friday to break down COVID-19 among young people and how to explain to your children the importance of wearing a facemask.

“Just be honest with your child about what’s going on,” Dr. George explained. “Letting them know there is a new germ that’s making some people very sick and to protect others from getting sick, we’re all wearing a mask out in public.”

Dr. George also said it’s very important to be the example for your kids by wearing a mask when out in public and around other people. We have heard a lot about COVID-19 affecting the older people in our community, but not so much the younger ones. Dr. George explains kids have a lower rate of illness than the older population in this case.

“We have seen that kids are only making up about 6-8% of the infection, even though they make up about 29% of the population,” Dr. George said.

Dr. George says most of the kids testing positive in Brazos County have been exposed to a parent or another adult in the household that tested positive for coronavirus first.

“Even kids in daycare settings or summer camps or those kinds of things, we haven’t seen a large amount of them coming up positive for COVID,” Dr. George said.

Dr. George also stressed the importance of making sure your kids’ vaccination records are up to date before returning to school, whether your child will be in a classroom or sticking to virtual learning.

“We do still recommend that they keep up to date on their vaccines,” Dr. George continued. “Coronavirus can be transmitted in the home; other viruses and illnesses that are vaccine-preventable can be transmitted as well.”

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