Scorcher of a weekend brings isolated rain chance

We'll be watching for a quick strong shower or storm, but it's best to plan for the heat!
We'll be watching for a quick strong shower or storm, but it's best to plan for the heat!(KBTX)
Published: Aug. 14, 2020 at 10:50 AM CDT
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) - Who is ready for a change of pace? 

Albeit a small one, we may be able to walk outdoors without getting an instant coat of sweat for most of next week.

Before then, this weekend will be a scorcher. High temps will settle around, and even get a touch higher than 100 degrees. Though we have not realized it yet, if enough moisture sticks around at the surface, heat index could go as high as 110 by mid-afternoon. In other words, if you have been able to get through the past couple afternoons, this weekend should not bother you too much, but take it easy and stay hydrated if you have to be outside, and consider bringing in the furry friends to cool down, too.

Friday Morning Live Weather Update

Scorcher of a weekend on the way! Let's get a look at the forecast and talk rain chances and a COOLDOWN

Posted by KBTX Media on Friday, August 14, 2020

As high pressure begins to move westward and we open the door for a cold front to roll through by Monday, we may also have a brief window for showers and a couple storms this weekend. It does not look likely, but if a storm is able to overcome high pressure and form this weekend, it would be capable of strong wind gusts. Afternoon and evening would be the best overall shot for this to happen, but better to plan for the sizzling weather and prep for a quick storm just in case.

The long awaited front arrives Monday. Assuming it arrives later in the day, some scattered showers and a couple storms ahead of and along the front will be possible in a scattered variety. If the front comes through earlier in the day, we won't realize triple digit temperatures, but the rain chance will be lower without that extra afternoon heat to fuel storms. Like this weekend, there may be a brief strong wind gust with the absolute heaviest storms, but it does not look likely we will see severe weather right now.

Overnight lows should dip into the low 70s for at least a couple mornings next week, potentially through the end of the week, which will be a welcome relief from the near 80, near 100% humidity mornings we have awakened to this week.

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