Brazos County Sheriff’s Office shares how they’re protecting students amid pandemic

Published: Aug. 20, 2020 at 8:59 AM CDT
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) - School districts across the country are making changes this year to keep students safe and law enforcement making sure students stay safe from physical threats as well.

Deputy David Wilcox with the Brazos County Sheriff’s Office was on BVTM Thursday to talk about how they’re protecting children amid the pandemic.

Wilcox said the role of their school resource deputies has always been for the safety of students and staff. The pandemic hasn’t changed the way they operate.

“They still will be dealing with and resolving any active threats towards the schools, any threats made towards the schools or at the schools and investigating any criminal offenses that may have happened there as well.”

Brazos County Sheriff’s Office Deputy David Wilcox

Deputy Wilcox says they will follow the CDC guidelines and the health department guidelines such as social distancing and washing their hands frequently.

Deputy Wilcox says there are seven deputies assigned to College Station ISD schools, and wearing masks will not change the protocol or how you do your job of detecting threats and ensuring campus safety and identifying suspects.

“That doesn’t inhibit our ability to do any kind of investigative work. We’re just going to be more mindful when it comes to making sure we’re keeping the students safe and the staff safe in a new way which is paying mind to a public health safety of them in regards to wearing a mask of course.”

Brazos County Sheriff’s Office Deputy David Wilcox

Deputy Wilcox talked about signs students and parents should watch out for in helping report threats against the school.

“Just anytime you see anything suspicious or you hear something, go ahead and speak up about it, let someone know. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and we take all threats of any kind seriously.”

Brazos County Sheriff’s Office Deputy David Wilcox

Deputy Wilcox says if there is a school threat, parents need to monitor local authorities and school administration for directions, especially to maintain social distancing.

“They will work hand in hand in relaying information to parents, and inform you of the needed steps to take.”

Brazos County Sheriff’s Office Deputy David Wilcox

Deputy Wilcox says BSCO takes the relationships between students and officers very seriously. They want to maintain those, but also follow CDC guidelines.

“Deputies will still continue to build rapport and interact with students and staff as they previously have, maybe just a few steps farther away and less high fives.”

Brazos County Sheriff’s Office Deputy David Wilcox

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