Aggies preparing for ‘big games’ in 2020

Published: Sep. 7, 2020 at 5:41 PM CDT
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) - Texas A&M Football has 2 weeks left until Game Week. The Aggies had their first scrimmage over the weekend and are in the thick of fall camp preparing for what could be a brutal 10 game SEC schedule.

The Aggies already know what’s it like to prepare for a difficult schedule after playing 3 different teams last year that were ranked number one at the time. But this year will be different, having 10 conference opponents to face instead of the usual 8. Head Coach Jimbo Fisher says it’s the little things that will help this Aggie team get ready for those big games.

”I think it’s experience, and I think each guy learns to, as I say that the game slows down the world slows down for how you’re thinking and what you’re doing in those in those situations, and I think it just takes experience sometimes. Sometimes you gotta realize you know you want to play a big game you think, well I gotta go do something special. No, most games are won by ordinary things, just doing them better than anybody else. And the big things naturally happen within the framework of the plays and how you do and work every day. And I think that just comes from experience, and time, and confidence in yourself and, you know, just letting it happen,” said Fisher.

A&M Linebacker Buddy Johnson is confident the Aggies will be prepared for the big games this season because it all starts in practice.

”Our practice habits. The way we practice, the way we go out and prepare, you know, just, if we keep, if we continue to build those practice habits, good practice habits. I think it will relate back to the game. I think this team has done a great job of doing that, you know guys have been flying around to the ball and we’re just trying to build consistent, good habits and I think guys have done a great job at it,” said Johnson.

The Aggies have five games on their 2020 schedule against teams ranked in the AP top 25 preseason poll: #3 Alabama, #8 Florida, #25 Tennessee, #6 LSU, and #11 Auburn.

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