Dealing with COVID-19 during the college football season

The Aggies are discussing having players work out at different positions in case an entire position group has to sit out due to COVID-19
Published: Sep. 8, 2020 at 4:18 PM CDT
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COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KBTX) - Texas A&M football has been fortunate with their health so far during fall camp. Several college football teams have already had to make changes to their schedule due to COVID-19. TCU would have been the first Big 12 team to play this Friday against SMU, but that game was postponed after the Horned Frogs had several positive cases. Oklahoma State’s match-up with Tulsa was pushed back a week due to the coronavirus.

The Aggies know they may need to adapt quickly during such a unique season. While it hasn’t been a problem yet, they’re working on contingency plans. One possibility the Aggies are discussing is having players work out at different positions in case an entire position group has to sit out due to COVID-19.

“That’s easier said than done in how you’re doing that because they still have to master the ones they have. But we’ve all talked about that as a staff. We move guys, you know an offensive line, we do it, guys for instance snap the ball, things of that nature that you can’t have other people do. It’s just a unique place. You know, maybe a DB plays receiver, receiver plays DB. I think that can be done. We haven’t done a lot of it, we’ve talked about it,” explained Texas A&M Head Football Coach Jimbo Fisher.

“We’re still in the first parts of camp trying to get our base things down, and understand some of these freshmen are, and even your upperclassmen, you don’t want to move them around. Get them established before you go and then we’ll see where we go from there. But those things are thought about, talked about, and even in coaches meetings. That’s the thing, what determines if you don’t play? Those those things are all still being hashed out. We still don’t know the total rules on that, what would cause a game of cancellation if certain positions were not there, things of that nature. I think they’re still searching for those things, and those answers are going to be never ending, really to me,” said Fisher.

The Aggies have two more weeks of fall camp before game week. A&M opens the season with Vanderbilt September 26th.

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