Kentucky-based environmental remediation company to purchase Gibbons Creek Coal Plant

Negotiations are still in discussion.
Published: Sep. 24, 2020 at 9:30 PM CDT
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GRIMES COUNTY, Texas (KBTX) - The Gibbons Creek Coal Plant shut down in 2018 after nearly 50 years of operations. Charar Solutions, Inc., an environmental and maintenance solutions company based out of Louisville, Kentucky, is negotiating the purchase from the Texas Municipal Power Agency (TMPA).

Negotiations are still in discussion says Gary Miller, the General Manager of Bryan Texas Utilities.

Natalie Johnson, a Texas A&M University professor, says the sale of Gibbons Creek is a good thing as long as the power plant is finally decommissioned.

“We’ve been trying to make our case that reopening this plant, not only is it bad for the environment, it doesn’t make economic sense. It also could cause potent health effects in our area,” said Johnson.

As far as the future of the 6,100 acre property, Miller says it’s unclear. “It could be an industrial site of some sort, a commercial site, the site could be used as a renewable energy solar farm, it could be used as a battery facility," said Miller.

Miller says the agreement states Charar Solutions will decommission the plant, take the structures down and the plant will not run as a coal plant.

Johnson hopes Charar Solutions shares the same vision about the environment as she does.

“I really just want to reiterate that the citizens here are very concerned about the environment and so we hope and look forward to working with you as a partner in the decommissioning," said Johnson.

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