Three father and son duos shine on the field together

College Station, Rudder, and Bremond all boast father/son, coach/quarterback duos
Published: Oct. 25, 2020 at 10:17 PM CDT
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) - Most teams consider each other family, a bond between brothers. And for some, the coach is a father figure. But for three Brazos Valley teams, the connection is there both on the field and at home.

Small towns and high school football go hand in hand in Texas. In Bremond it’s no different. It’s a place where players grew up knowing their coaches

“I always thought it was cool my dad was the coach and we could always have that relationship,” said Bremond quarterback Seth Kasowski.

Seth’s father Jeff is Bremond’s long time head coach. It’s a unique father-son relationship.

“It depends on what day it is… this is his senior year so it’s a fun year,” said Jeff Kasowski.

The Kasowski’s aren’t alone. College station has the Huffs. Head Coach Steve has led the Cougars since 2012. High school was the first time he coached his son Jett.

“The communication is really I’d say really easy and I think it’s easy for him to talk to me and let me know things he’s seeing, so I think that part of it is just a lot different than it used to be,” said Steve Huff.

“It was a weird transition going from just helping me out to actually being my position coach and coaching me every play,” said Jett Huff.

It’s an opportunity that Rudder High Head Coach Eric Ezar knows all too well.

Eric Ezar talks with his son/quarterback, EJ, during a game vs Weiss.
Eric Ezar talks with his son/quarterback, EJ, during a game vs Weiss.(KBTX)

“I think when I decided to come back into coaching from being an AD, I was kind of sitting on my couch one day and was like you know he was in the 9th grade. I was like I don’t know when I’m sitting in my ez chair when I’m 60-70 years old I’ll regret not coaching him,” said Ezar.

His son, EJ, is the Ranger’s quarterback. And EJ says his dad “goes a little harder” on him.

As starting quarterbacks, all three sons have had to develop tough skin. Not just because of their position, but because of who their dads are.

“There’s an innate toughness you have to have as a coaches son and a quarterback and he does that real well and if he ever gets soft I kind of remind him,” said Eric Ezar.

“The younger years were the tougher years. At this point it’s not. He’s the guy and he’s the guy we lean on,” said Jeff Kasowski.

When your head coach has known you since birth, life finds it’s position on the sidelines.

“I’m not going to say there’s not a lot of conversation about football…” said Seth Kasowski.

“There’s a lot,” chimed in Coach Jeff Kasowski.

Jett Huff explained, “We spend a lot more time together than probably the normal father and son would, so I think just the time spent makes us closer.”

These unique duos are forming a bond that will last far beyond the sidelines.

“I know he’ll be in my corner and I’ll do the same for him,” said Seth Kasowski.

“We’ve been tight. He’s like my best friend,” said EJ Ezar.

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