SHSU professor hosting interview series with high-profile journalists

The series features journalists like Lesley Stahl and Sam Donaldson.
Published: Oct. 27, 2020 at 10:55 PM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, Texas (KBTX) - A Sam Houston State University professor is hosting an interview series this fall allowing students to interview high-profile journalists via Zoom.

Peter Roussel is the Phillip G. Warner endowed chair in the Department of Mass Communication. He is hosting the series titled, “Dateline: Democracy Series.” Roussel is a former White House Press Secretary and says he reached out to five journalists he worked with during his career.

“Members of the news media are visiting with the students and sharing their perspectives on the election, and in their careers, as these students are about to go out launch their own careers,” said Roussel.

The series is being streamed live on Facebook every couple of weeks.

“It’s really nice to visit with these people, with these reporters, who all of whom are still very active,” said Roussel. “So it’s a chance to do that and at least have a first-hand experience watching them speak to a group of students. Secondly, I think it’s invaluable for the students to hear their inside their perspectives about their careers.”

Just a couple of weeks ago, the class interview Lesley Stahl with CBS News as she was preparing for her 60 Minutes interview with President Donald Trump.

Stahl spoke with the class about her career and says that during her time as a journalist, it was never the presidents, senators, or high profile interviews that stayed with her.

“When I say I am privileged to have the job I have, honestly, I’m not blowing smoke. It’s the people on the corners of this country, tucked away or nervous to even meet a journalist, who impressed me with how they keep going on,” said Stahl.

Tuesday former ABC News White House Correspondent Sam Donaldson spoke with the class. Donaldson shared stories of his time working with America’s top leaders, along with things he learned during his time.

“There’s no such thing as a bad question. There are going to be irrelevant questions, silly questions, wasting your time with that question, any question no matter what they are, has never hurt a president or a politician. It is the answers that may hurt,” said Donaldson.

Next Friday the next series will be live-streamed on the College’s Facebook and feature NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell.

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