Brazos County Democratic Party chair on county-wide losses: ‘We still have the momentum; 2022 is coming up’

Published: Nov. 4, 2020 at 10:04 AM CST
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) - Wanda Watson says that with a little more time and a little less pandemic, Democrats running for office in Brazos County would have stood a better chance in this reliably red district.

“We weren’t able to do those things that we’re good at, which is get out there, knock on doors, meet folks, talk about what our issues are and do that face-to-face,” said Watson. “I believe the silver lining is that we still have momentum. I truly believe that what we’ll be able to do is build on that momentum and try to get out and do more voter education.”

Watson says health care is the number one priority issue for local Democratic candidates—one she says she does not think other community members focus on nearly enough.

“They need to listen to what the citizens say,” said Watson. “I know we’re a growing community. I know jobs are important. But there are some everyday bread-and-butter issues that I think that citizens that they needed to listen to. That’s the part that kind of surprised me, that our citizens just didn’t seem to tune into what we think are the bread-and-butter issues, health care being number one.”

Mostly, Watson says this is only the beginning of the modern age of Brazos County Democrats.

“I think they need to feel proud that they were willing to stand up. That they were willing to have their voices heard. I think that they need to stick with us,” Watson said. “We take a little bit of a breather, but we don’t stop. 2022 is coming up.”

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