Bryan / College Station Chamber and Texas A&M economists surveying local businesses for a second time

Published: Nov. 6, 2020 at 6:50 PM CST
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) - The Bryan / College Station Chamber of Commerce is getting another round of feedback from area businesses. A survey is still out trying to get a better look at how our businesses are faring. It’s the second one to be conducted since June.

Local businesses are still trying to bounce back.

“It’s just been the biggest challenge we’ve ever faced," said Mary Beckman. She and her husband have three restaurants, a catering business, and a mobile food truck.

“All the restaurateurs I talk to say the same thing. This is something we never saw coming. The wheels were never supposed to stop," said Beckman.

She’s glad to hear the B/CS Chamber of Commerce and Texas A&M Private Enterprise Research Center (PERC) are doing a second round of business surveys.

“I think the more surveys they can get in a more concise amount of time to kind of get the lay of the land, if you will, is the best option, because things are changing rapidly. ‘Pivot’ is our new word. We yell, ‘Pivot’ every day," said Beckman.

PERC studied the first survey from June. Some key findings included how long local businesses could survive a second shutdown if the pandemic worsens. The average result was 15 weeks.

“Businesses are doing pretty well. They’re not back at 100 percent. That’s as of June and that’s why part of the emphasis for this survey is to find out if firms are closer to where they were pre-pandemic," said Andrew Rettenmaier, Ph.D., Texas A&M PERC Executive Associate Director.

“They’re going to be able to use the results. They get this survey and not only analyze those results, but also compare that to the first survey so they can see what has happened in between,” said Glen Brewer, Bryan / College Station Chamber of Commerce President and CEO.

Beckman thinks the recovery could take years.

“I think in building the consumer confidence it takes a while," she said.

The survey has been extended through the end of the weekend. If you own a business and want to participate we have the survey here.

We have the findings from the June survey here.

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