Free Music Friday: Supergroup

When the pandemic put time on his hands, frontman Big Bill called on his friends to use the time to make their own band.
Published: Dec. 4, 2020 at 10:17 PM CST
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) - The newly formed band, Supergroup, joined First News at Four to play their newest single, “Easy,” for Free Music Friday.

Frontman, Big Bill, joined us for a live interview ahead of the performance.

He says the pandemic turned out to be serendipitous for the formation of the band. “We hadn’t really made music in a while,” Bill explains, “and we were just like y’know we got a lot of time on our hands, let’s put something together.”

Big Bill, Richard Tuomi, Eric Homol, and Tony Maas form the core of the band. Joining them for the collaboration on “Easy,” is friend of the band, Morgan Braithwaite.

Big Bill creates the beats and writes and performs the rap lyrics.

Bill says he’s a lifelong musician. He says his passion started in high school with clubs like concert band and choir. His entrance into the hip hop scene was something of a revelation, “I was like okay, I perform a lot of music,” Bill explains, “how about I start making some myself?”

He says he started making beats but couldn’t find a vocalist to pair with his music. So, he decided to become a vocalist.

Since those humble beginnings as a high schooler with a passion for music and creativity, he’s released four albums and seven singles across various platforms.

“Easy” is Big Bill’s first release as part of a group.

The group recently released a music video for “Easy.” Click here to watch it on Youtube.

Listen to “Easy” on your preferred platform here.

“Easy” - A Supergroup song

Took the train all the way uptown to see you

And you know how much I hate CTA I couldn’t wait, had to get away I needed to be up on you

Been thinkin bout it all day


Don’t tell me you’re busy

Make time for me

I’ve been so stressed out lately

But loving you is easy

[Verse 2]

Been workin hard I need a little motivation

Been feelin empty

Give me some inspiration


Don’t call me crazy

I know you feel me

I’ve been so stressed out lately

But loving you is easy

[Verse 3 - Big Bill]

Easy like the step above beginner I know this ---- ain’t normal

We just went and ate some dinner

Just to introduce ourselves

Turn the outward to the inward

I mean the inward to the outward

To be honest what’s the difference

In this instance I got a laundry list of things to do

That I’ll disregard immediately if not soon

If it means I’m next to you I’ll stay true like the opposite of false

We can dance like Mephisto waltz

I’m the lemon pepper you’re the salt

If I gush and sound corny then it’s all your fault

I mean you can keep this between you and me

Loving you is easy like a Focusrite with no latency

Just wait and see

And you might agree

That even if you find yourself as half as stressed as me

That together we can put each other’s mind at ease



Don’t call me crazy

I know you feel me

I’ve been so stressed out lately

But loving you is easy

Watch the full interview and performance in the player above.

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