Local doctors warn we are losing fight against COVID with latest trends

COVID cases in the Brazos Valley have continued to climb
Published: Jan. 4, 2021 at 5:08 PM CST
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) - Local doctors are raising awareness about COVID-19 trends in our area.

The medical director of our community’s largest free-standing emergency care provider, CapRock Health System, says healthcare resources are being stretched too thin, just as the Brazos County Health District reported that ICU bed occupancy in Brazos County is now at 98 percent.

Dr. Lon Young with Caprock Health System said we are currently losing the battle against COVID-19.

“If you just look at the number of cases that keep going up but more importantly the occupancy at our hospitals and the stress on our healthcare system and unfortunately those who are losing their lives to COVID, obviously with COVID everything is different,” said Young.

Healthcare workers are feeling fatigued for what’s already been months of challenges at hospitals and other medical facilities.

”Our hospitals are already filled and so with the current disease burden in the community we can’t even continue to support small gatherings. Unfortunately, we just have to avoid each other as much as possible and get some degrees of control back in our community,” said Young.

COVID-19 is spreading where people are gathering, said Young.

“Unfortunately there’s been a change in the way that the virus is spreading... Right now where we’re seeing the biggest problem is with small family gatherings,” said Young.

At Texas A&M, many students and staff are required to get COVID tests before the new semester.

”We’ve been extra careful,” said Rachel Wright, an expectant mother from Bryan. “I think we’re probably going through the toughest time right now. I have hopes for this year especially with the vaccines coming out.”

Young said the vaccine has us on the right path, but we still need to take precautions.

”Only 1.5 percent of Texans I think have been vaccinated at this point, primarily healthcare workers,” said Young. “That does nothing to change the risk of spread through the community and it’s going to be that way for months.”

Young says now that the holiday season is over there are fewer reasons for family and group gatherings to happen inside.

We have our story on the latest local COVID data here.

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