Legacy Nursing and Rehabilitation in Bryan has administered nearly all of its first allotment of vaccine doses

Legacy says it has enjoyed efficient rollout by using 90% of their doses for first-round vaccinations over 10-day span
Published: Jan. 5, 2021 at 11:07 PM CST
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) - Local nursing homes are beginning to vaccinate both their residents and staff, and Legacy Nursing and Rehabilitation has been one of the bright spots as many agencies across the country experience difficulties actually getting shots into arms.

Legacy’s Director of Nursing Jennifer Lavalais says the home received all 100 doses of the Moderna vaccine they were expecting and began administering shots the day the shipment arrived on December 27.

“We actually have administered the majority of our doses,” Lavalais said. “We only have one vial left, which contains ten doses. But each vial so far has had that eleventh dose in it.”

Lavalais says they plan to administer those final doses from that last vial over the next day or two. Senior Vice President Myles Holyfield says they’ve already given over half of their 75 residents and nearly half of their 100 employees their first dose, and their goal was to do so as quickly as possible.

“It’s a very delicate vaccination,” Holyfield said. “It has a short shelf life. I think the shelf life is only 30 days if it’s refrigerated at a certain temperature. You have to pretty much administer the entire vial within a six-hour period once it’s been punctured. You literally have to have ten or eleven people lined up and ready to go within a short period of time so that we don’t waste any of the doses.”

“We’ve done a lot of preparation going into this,” Director of Quality and Compliance Kim Jones said. “We’ve done a lot of education. We’ve participated in a lot of training at the state and federal level. We’ve also tried to shine some positive light into it and turn it into a vaccination campaign.”

Jones says it’s not mandatory that residents and staff get vaccinated, but they are trying to encourage all of them to do so. Staff provides the vaccine fact sheet and has a signed physical consent form for everyone who receives a shot under their care.

“We’re trying to explain the benefits of getting vaccinated not only to keep yourself healthy, but your coworkers, the residents, and your family members at home as well,” Jones said.

Holyfield also says all their vaccination and dose usage activity is tracked with the information they provide to state agencies.

“They know exactly how many doses we have on hand, how many we’ve administered, and how many we have left,” Holyfield said. “That information is used so they send our second dose to us based on what we’ve administered. The idea is to administer all 100 doses. That way we receive an additional 100 for the second round.”

Those who have gotten their first shot say the process couldn’t have been easier. Barbara Rogers is a Legacy resident who got her first dose of the Moderna vaccine last week.

“It went fine. No problem at all,” Rogers said. “I’m not just protecting me, but I’m protecting other people too.”

Eshanna Hemphill helps provide care for Rogers and the other residents. She also received the vaccine last week.

“It went real smooth. No side effects,” Hemphill said. “My arm was a little sour, but I took some ibuprofen and was just fine.”

Legacy has not received their shipment containing the second doses of the Moderna vaccine needed to complete the inoculation process, but do expect to get it in before they need to be administered. Lavalais says that second dose of the Moderna vaccine needs to be given to patients 28 days after they get their first shot.

Holyfield says Legacy has about 70 more people classified under phase 1A of the CDC’s guidance for distribution to vaccinate with their first dose. He says he is unsure how long it will take to complete those remaining vaccinations.

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