WINTER STORM WARNING: Latest updates through the day

2″ - 5″ of snow expected for many, with higher totals to 8″ possible by the evening
Published: Jan. 10, 2021 at 9:18 AM CST|Updated: Jan. 10, 2021 at 8:41 PM CST
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) - A WINTER STORM WARNING is in effect for a majority of the Brazos Valley Sunday. Below are the latest updates on what to expect and what is happening across the area.

8:30 pm Update:

This will be the last update for Sunday night.

What a day! After snow, sleet, and rain covered the Brazos Valley Sunday, the activity is coming to an end as we wind down the weekend and get ready for the week ahead.

The biggest thing that we’ll be monitoring overnight Sunday and into Monday morning will be the road conditions. Though temperatures currently sit just above freezing, they are expected to slightly cool throughout the overnight with a short window where we could hit or dip slightly below the freezing mark. That being said, as a bit of a slush and several puddles still reside on the roads Sunday evening, we’ll need to closely monitor travel impacts for the early Monday morning commute.

More information on News 3 at 10 and BVTM early Monday morning!

6pm Update

Drier air continues to work its way into our western counties, with the snow coming to a close for areas generally along Highway 6 and points off to the west. This trend will continue into the evening hours with the activity clearing off from west to east.

Not much has changed in terms of temperatures -- the majority of the Brazos Valley currently sits at or slightly above the freezing mark with feels like temperatures in the mid 20s!

As snowfall totals continue to roll in, a few reports as of 6 p.m. have found totals of ~4.5″ in the Bryan-College Station area.

Roads are slushy out there, and we’ll continue to monitor conditions throughout the evening hours and by the time many are heading out for the Monday morning commute. Keep checking back in!

5pm Update

We are starting to see the beginning of the end, friends... Drier air is filtering into our western counties as the snow/sleet/rain activity continues to move off to the east. We’ll see this trend continue into the evening hours, slowly drying things out from west to east.

Temperatures currently sit just above the freezing mark for the majority of the area, but continue to use caution if you have to be out on the roads as a slush still remains on surface streets.

5 pm snow reports of ~4″ are rolling in for BCS, with almost 5″ reported in Snook.

Keep checking back over the next few hours as we start to work in a bit more drier air.

4pm Update

Heavy snow continues to roam portions of the Brazos Valley as the wintry mix line pushes down to the south. Although temperatures are still slightly above freezing for the majority of the area, several accidents have been reported on roadways across the Brazos Valley as roads develop a slush. Take extra care and be safe if you have to be out on the roads!

Several school districts are starting to report Monday closings and delays -- those can be found here.

Snow accumulations continue to rise for those who have been able to pick up on the changeover. More than 3″ has been reported so far in Bryan - College Station.

Keep checking back in as we continue to track wintry weather through the afternoon!

3pm Update

Areas of heavy snow continue across portions of the Brazos Valley, as the line with rain/sleet/snow and a wintry mix continues to push south and east. Huntsville and portions of Grimes, Montgomery counties are beginning to see some of the first snow of the day.

~2″ of snow have been reported so far in Bryan, and more to our north and west. Roads are beginning to collect a slush, as we are now at or slightly above freezing across most of the area. Driving is discouraged from now through the evening, and conditions could improve as early as tonight and into tomorrow morning as we begin to dry out and eventually warm back well above freezing by Monday afternoon. Enjoy the snow and drive safe if you have to be on the roads!

2pm Update

Heavy snow has started to pile up across a large portion of the Brazos Valley. Air temperature remains a degree or two above freezing -- but with the rate that this snow is falling, accumulations are happening everywhere, including roads.

As of the hour, Bryan & College Station both are at 33°. Factor in a north wind at 15mph and it feels more like 23° as you step outside.

Road conditions are slushy but traffic is still moving. As of the hour, there has not been word of any major traffic issues. A few minor accidents were reported around midday in Milam County.

Noon Update

Precipitation rates have slowed for many in the Brazos Valley -- but light rain continues for many at this midday hour. Steady snow has been reported in Leona (Leon County), Bremond (Robertson County) and different parts of Northern Milam Counties.

Snow has been reported to change over to a rain / sleet mix about 6 miles south of Milano -- as of 11:50am. Road conditions in Burleson County are still in good shape compared to minor accumulations and slush reported in Milam County.

Minor, thin ice accumulation has formed on car windshields throughout different parts of the Brazos Valley. Air temperature remains in the low-to-mid 30s -- but still a few degrees above freezing. Still, cold enough for elevated surfaces (cars, trash can lids, roof tops) to collect a this thin layer of ice as rain falls.

Forecast data suggest that a change over from rain to snow should move into the Brazos Valley through mid-afternoon.

10:30am Update

Wintry mix is still being reported for parts of the Brazos Valley, but many have switched back over to all rain for the time being. Snow has become more consistent in Milam County, with some accumulation / slush collecting on roads in the northern reaches of the county.

10am SUNDAY Update

All type of precipitation has been reported across the Brazos Valley this morning. Rain mixing with sleet and snow has been common. Expect switches back and forth to continue for a few hours. Minor accumulations of sleet have occurred on dirt and car windshields. Given the ongoing rain and upper-30° temperatures, most of this will slowly melt.

No road issues are expected at this time / have been reported.


Widespread rain is falling across the Brazos Valley this morning. Many locations, including Bryan-College Station, Caldwell, Kurten, and Frenstat have reported those small ice pellets. Air temperature across the area remains in the upper 30s to right at 40°. Ground temperatures this morning were reported in the mid-40s. Those factors plus the liquid rain falling will allow the sleet to mix on contact with the ground. Minor accumulations on car windshields will be possible.

Daypart forecast for Sunday, January 10th
Daypart forecast for Sunday, January 10th(KBTX)

While it is a cold, cold rain / sleet mix that is falling this morning, the transition to snow is expected to happen as early as midday to as late as mid-afternoon. Those further northwest will likely see the change over begin first. Something that has been noted since Saturday, forecast data suggests a small scale feature will develop bursts of heavy snow between mid-afternoon through early evening. Below is a look at where widespread snow totals may end up after this event is over. It is important to note that isolated 6″ to 8″ totals or higher are not totally far-fetched or ruled out.

Winter Storm Warning is in effect Sunday, January 10th
Winter Storm Warning is in effect Sunday, January 10th(KBTX)

As for Monday morning road conditions -- that is something that will need to be monitored. Temperatures through this event and overnight are expected just above freezing. Ground temperatures by morning are forecast in the upper 30s. Still, heavy snow could outpace road and street’s ability to melt through the afternoon and early evening. Highest impacts -- if any -- are expected on rural and less-traveled roads by Monday morning.

Winter Weather Severity Index
Winter Weather Severity Index(KBTX)

Temperatures are expected to fall to the mid-30s through the day and then hold steady. Wind chill values -- what it will feel like -- are expected in the mid-to-upper 20s through the afternoon hours.


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