Several horse saddles stolen from local properties

At least four landowners have reported stolen property in the last month.
Published: Jan. 15, 2021 at 5:00 PM CST
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) -At least three local landowners are warning others after thousands of dollars worth of saddles have been stolen over the last several weeks.

Ranch owner Wayne Blanford says it was a few weeks ago when he noticed things were missing.

“I came home and I had two saddles that were missing and a couple of bridles and blankets,” said Blanford “I’ve always made people welcome. If you ask me for something I’ll almost just give it to you. You don’t have to steal from me.”

Blanford says in the decades of owning his ranch in Bryan he never thought he’d have to take extra security measures.

“I didn’t figure I had to lock things up but I guess I do now and obtain some type of cameras or something because I can’t afford to keep replacing these things,” said Blanford.

A feeling he shares with Little Stables owner Jess Little.

“We’ve never had a problem, never and now all of a sudden we feel like we’ve got to put security cameras up that we’ve never had to before and that’s an expense,” said Little.

Little says last weekend saddles were stolen from his stable.

“One of our renters came out to ride horses and his saddle was gone and then they started to do more looking and two saddles had been stolen,” said Little.

Blanford and Little say they’re hoping to warn other landowners.

“I thought this kind of stuff was non-existent but I know better now. I don’t care how kind you are to people there are still thieves that are lurking,” said Blanford.

“It’s a trusting industry that people are taking advantage of it. It’s saddles today, it could be horses tomorrow so keep an eye out,” said Little.

The owner of Three Brothers Stable says at least one saddle was stolen from their property last week.

After checking with Brazos County Sheriff’s Office they have one report filed from a fourth property on Golden Eagle Drive near Highway 21.

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