Siblings helping build Hearne girls basketball program

Anthony Gonzales took over the team four years ago.
Published: Jan. 18, 2021 at 7:09 PM CST
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Hearne, Texas (KBTX) - Anthony Gonzales took the reigns of the Hearne girls basketball team four years ago.

“To have a good girls and boys basketball teams means a lot to me personally,” said Gonzales.

Gonzales grew up in Hearne and played basketball there. Now, he teaches and coaches in the district he calls home.

“Showing these young ladies that they can be successful women when they get older and just try to be a positive role model for them,” said Gonzales.

As the team has grown, so has the coaching staff. Hannah Hancock joined Gonzales and the girls three years ago.

“I pitch in wherever I can, wherever he needs me to,” said Hancock. “He’s doing great things with this program. It’s going to keep building.”

Gonzales has always preached the importance of family to his team. This year, he is modeling that message by adding his younger sister Meghan Gonzales to his staff.

“I’ve learned so much and I feel like being under him, he guides me through a lot and he’s a great inspiration. He’s very well respected and that motivates me,” said Meghan Gonzales.

The siblings say they have always been close.

“Whatever I’ve been through, she’s been through,” said Anthony Gonzales.

Still, these two are brother-and-sister to the core.

“She always thinks she knows everything, and then when I tell her something, she still thinks she knows what she’s talking about,” said Anthony Gonzales with a laugh. “When we come out here, we keep professional as best as we can--and then we’ll talk on the phone about what we need to.”

The sense of humor runs in the family as much as the passion for the game.

“I think that’s what makes this work,” said Meghan Gonzales. Because he knows I know everything, and he knows I’m going to tell him what I think is not going to work… He knows I’m not scared to tell him that. I’m more the ‘little big sister.’”

What they can agree on is giving Hearne their best.

“A lot of our girls are very smart, and they have the same kind of potential to go get a college degree or have their own hair salon,” said Anthony Gonzales. “They have those kind of tendencies in them to go and do that because a lot of them are self-driven already, and they need that push to do extra. That’s what we’re here for.”

“It’s a pleasure and a blessing to actually come back home and help out the community that way and help out the youth,” said Meghan Gonzales.

The Lady Eagles are currently 14-4 on the season and first in their district.

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