RV park residents plead for speed bumps after suspected drunk driver destroys trailer home in crash

Two were injured and another RV damaged as a result
Published: Jan. 20, 2021 at 11:26 PM CST
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) - A suspected DWI crash rocked Primrose Lane Mobile Home and RV Park Tuesday night, causing severe damage to one RV and sending the man inside to the hospital.

Kent Mischel heard the terrifying moment from his RV that’s located directly across from the trailer that was struck by the driver’s pickup truck.

“I’d just gone to bed, and I heard sliding and kaboom!” Mischel said. “I sat up and looked out the window and saw all the police car lights.”

“You can see obviously the track marks that he left, and he wasn’t slowing down,” Jennifer Taylor, who also lives in the park, said. “The police said he was doing 60 miles an hour when he hit that.”

The RV is now uninhabitable, and the impact caused damage to the one sitting next to it as well. According to a police report, a man was standing inside at the exact point of impact when the crash occurred, throwing him across the RV. There was also a man in the second RV at the time. Both were injured, but are expected to be okay.

“They’ve got no place to go,” Taylor said. “This ain’t gonna fix itself overnight, so what are they going to do? Somebody’s got to help. We have to help. They don’t have a whole lot, and what little bit they do, is now totally destroyed.”

The driver of the pickup truck, 22-year-old Luis Alberto Tzunum Ramirez of Bryan, was arrested and charged with deadly conduct and driving while intoxicated-2nd offense.

Residents say they’re not surprised something like this happened due to the speeding problem on Stevens Drive, the street where the park’s entrance is located.

“From midnight to 2 a.m., people treat this street like Eldora Speedway, and there are kids living here,” Primrose Lane resident Frances Kesner said. “I would like to see city council and the mayor put speed bumps on this street. This is getting ridiculous. Even during the week, you can see how fast the cars go up and down through here.”

Residents believe if something isn’t done soon, another crash is sure to happen, and the results could be even worse.

“They come cruising by here like it’s out on the highway,” Mischel said. “I was just thanking God that he wasn’t going the other way, otherwise it would’ve been my house.”

“Speed bumps is all we’re asking for to slow these people down,” Kesner said. “I don’t want to see another accident like these poor people had here.”

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