This week’s Classroom Champion is Lily Toussaint.

Updated: Jan. 14, 2021 at 2:23 PM CST
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News 3 Sports would like to congratulate our latest Classroom Champion, Lily Toussaint. The Allen Academy Senior has a 4.7 GPA, and is currently ranked number one in her class.

“She approaches school like she approaches sports. She figures out what she needs to do in order to reach her goal. And if there’s a hiccup along the way she will back track, she’ll figure it out, and she’ll just go right on in again. She’s really good with taking input and feedback, and she’s really good at pivoting and trying to figure out how she can be better in what she’s doing. Whether it’s in her schoolwork or whether it’s in a sport.” - Wendy Lee, Teacher

“I really think that Lily is both, a vocal and a leader and example. I think her vocal leadership sets her apart. She does a great job being vocal on the court but also off the court. I know that if I need another player to maybe to catch up a little bit or something like that. Or if she feels behind, Lily is someone I can reach out to that she can go to them and be able to help them. Whereas sometimes the coach you know, you got to be able to put those leadership responsibilities in your leaders and in your players and also empower them. So I think Lily does a great job of being a vocal leader.” - Samantha Goldsmith, Coach

“As far as I’m concerned right now, I’m probably not going to be playing a sport in college. Just as far as like Varsity sport level wise. So, I think learning how to manage an overwhelming workload in high school with school and sports. Will really help me going into college because I want have as many commitments outside of school that I need to focus on. So that I can really target my energies towards getting good grades, and focusing on like learning and doing my best that I can in college,” said Toussaint.

After high school, Lily plans on attending college and wants to major in International Relations. Her goal is to one day work for the government, in either the State Department or the Judicial Branch.

Congratulations to Lily Toussaint of Allen Academy. This week’s News 3 Sports Classroom Champion!

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