Bryan woman arrested on animal cruelty charges after abandoning dog

Cristan Tejeda, 36, is charged with cruelty to a non-livestock animal
Cristan Tejeda
Cristan Tejeda(Brazos County Jail)
Published: Jan. 27, 2021 at 5:54 PM CST
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) - A Bryan woman has been charged with animal cruelty after abandoning her St. Bernard dog multiple times, according to the Brazos County Sheriff’s Office.

On Jan. 13, a call came in to BCSO from a man stating that the dog that was loose on his farm was the same one from the day before that he called in. Bryan Animal Center learned of this call and were able to confirm that the St. Bernard had been brought in as a stray before.

Based on a microchip scan, Bryan Animal Center was able to confirm the owner was Cristan Tejeda, 36.

Staff at the animal center had an encounter with Tejeda before when said she would just “dump the dog,” since they wouldn’t take the dog in.

Deputies went to pick the dog up at the farm and scanned the dog for a microchip. They contacted Aggieland Humane Society who were also able to confirm the owner was Cristan Tejeda.

The deputy was able to confirm that the Bryan Animal Center had dealt with this dog and its owner on Jan. 5 when Tejeda brought the dog in saying she could no longer keep it. Staff explained to her that they could not keep the dog, but gave her other options for rehoming the animal. Tejeda said she would “dump the dog in Houston,” since they would not take the dog.

The deputy called Tejeda and told her that her dog was in custody. Tejeda then told deputies that the dog had slipped out of his collar and ran off when she was on a fishing trip at the Navasota River about four or five days earlier. She said she could not pick up the dog because she was in Memphis, TN and there was no one else to take care of the dog.

The dog, Rocky, was taken to Aggieland Humane Society after Tejeda agreed to cover housing fees. Rocky was placed under a legal hold and given vaccines.

The deputy then reached out to staff at Aggieland Humane Society see if any calls from Tejeda reporting her dog missing came in, they said they hadn’t received any. He then found that the distance from where the dog was found to where it was reported missing was 17 miles.

When a vet at Aggieland Humane Society checked the dog out, they said the dog’s pads had little wear and appeared in good condition. The vet did not believe the dog could have traveled the 17 miles in that time frame.

Staff at Bryan Animal Center were further interviewed and it was found that Tejada had called Bryan Animal Center and, using a different name Joy Ribardo, called in her dog as a stray and left the dog with them. When the microchip was scanned, staff found the contact number was the same as the caller.

Staff called Tejeda back but she would not answer, a text was then sent to her phone advising her to pick up her dog. Tejeda told them she was at work and not able to get the dog. She said she could not care for the dog and asked Bryan Animal Center to keep the dog.

Staff said the could not keep the dog but gave her rehoming options. They then told Tejeda she would be cited if she didn’t pick the dog up and for lying about the dog being a stray. Tejeda came in to pick up the dog but told the staff she would got to Houston and dump the dog.

Tejeda is charged with cruelty to a non-livestock animal.

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