Local experts say it’s not too late to prepare your home for winter weather

Published: Feb. 13, 2021 at 10:53 PM CST
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COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KBTX) -Plumbers and HVAC technicians are working overtime to make sure families have running water and a warm home during the frigid temperatures. Technicians say the best time to protect your home from freezing weather is before the temperature drops. Technicians say they’re already getting calls about freezing pipes and malfunctioning heating pumps and units.

“Once temperatures start getting into the thirties and forties, we expect to have a strong overload of calls,” said Brad Gause, owner of JBG Plumbing in College Station.

Gause says the most important advice he could give is to let steady water flow continually run.

“Your overall water usage may go up; you may spend twenty, fifty extra dollars on your water bill this month,” said Gause. “It’s well worth it compared to the cost of repairs and damage caused by busted pipes.”

He says just letting the water drip is not enough to keep pipes from bursting.

“A drip is really not going to help as much as you think,” said Gause. “We’ve seen in the past year’s people have turned them on to a drip, and it basically starts a pile of ice on the ground and builds it way up.”

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Ben Morris is an HVAC technician with Clear Creek Heating and Air. He says the best advice he could offer would be to pay close attention to your filters.

Stay on top of those filters; that’s just an easy thing the average homeowner can do is check your filters,” said Morris. “Make sure they’re clean, make sure that the unit is able to breathe cause that can prevent it from faulting out.”

Morris says it’s always important to have a backup plan in case your unit goes out.

“If you can keep some alternate heating sources close by,” said Morris. If you have electric blankets, you know anything that can keep you warm, and with Valentine’s day coming up, maybe just one more excuse to cuddle up next to that special somebody.”

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