Local community groups team up to provide essentials to those affected by the winter storms

Published: Feb. 21, 2021 at 11:01 PM CST
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COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KBTX) - Local community organizations teamed up this week to provide essentials and supplies to those affected by the winter storms that knocked out access to power and clean water across Texas.

A nonprofit group called Brazos Valley Blessings and Black Lives Matter BCS organized the drive-thru event that Peace Lutheran Church has hosted for the past three days. They provided items ranging from food, water, diapers, toiletries, and cleaning supplies.

“We go to each car and ask each family what need they have, and we try to cater to their needs that way,” Black Lives Matter BCS Co-Founder Ebony Peterson said.

Amber Robertson is the founder of Brazos Valley Blessings. Along with Peterson, she’s been coordinating donations since Tuesday. Regarding Sunday in particular, Robertson says the lines were long from the moment they got started at noon.

“The wait here today has been anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour,” Robertson said.

“Yesterday, we know we did over 1,500 people,” Peterson said. “Today, we want to say the lines are longer than they were yesterday. We have not seen a short line at all today.”

The effort, which has been supported entirely by community donations, began at each of their homes.

“The community has definitely come together,” Peterson said. “People are bringing things from their homes, like stuff they had bought in preparation for the storm that they didn’t use. The stores have really been helping us out as well.”

Robertson and Peterson say the effort was inspired by Facebook threads they saw involving mothers trying to barter certain items they needed to take care of their kids.

“We hate to see anybody struggle,” Robertson said. “To see mothers on Facebook asking to trade a bottle of formula for some pampers or baby wipes, that’s very hurtful. That’s an experience I never want to have, so I want to help anybody that I can, and Ebony was the same way.”

Peterson says the folks at Peace Lutheran Church were much more involved than simply providing them a larger space with which to work. She says the church volunteers were a tremendous help in guiding them on how to run a successful drive-thru giveaway event.

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