Local elementary students thank front line healthcare workers

Students raised over $1,000 doing chores to buy meals for local healthcare workers
Published: Feb. 27, 2021 at 11:16 PM CST
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) -The Bryan Independent School District prides itself on teaching students what they call their “Essential Eight” guiding principles. Principles rooted and based on kindness, tolerance, gratitude, philanthropy, work ethic, optimism, courage, and leadership. Students at Anson Jones Elementary have put those principles into action with a project called “Thank a Healthcare Hero.”

Students in Shirley Pratts and Abbey Laird’s 4th-grade class did more than thank a hero. The students did chores at home and earned money, and donated the money they earned. They’ve raised over $1,000 for meals for healthcare heroes.

Students like Ray Ila and Lily Castro say they wanted to do their part because the healthcare workers have done so much for the community.

“Healthcare workers are trying to help the people who have COVID,” said Castro.

“We are going to purchase them lunch so they can eat and have more energy for the rest of the day,” said Ila.

Students like Darandy Tates and Fantiago Luna learned that some work and chores don’t come easy.

“For the yard, I had to pick up cans and rake and pick up leaves and put them in a trash bag,” said Tates.

“I had to take care of my little sister and change her diapers and make her milk,” said Luna.

Laird says this project was a way for students to put the guiding principles of kindness, gratitude, philanthropy, and work ethic into action.

“I think that it was really important for the kids to see how these characteristics they’ve been learning can actually be translated into a big project like this,” said Laird.

Bryan ISD teachers say they couldn’t be more proud of their students, and they’re positive they’ve learned a valuable lesson they will cherish for their entire lives.

“To teach our students that philanthropy doesn’t just happen at Christmas time and thanksgiving,” said Pratt. “When trying to help other people, we need to be philanthropic all year long.”

4th grader Shawn Ashlock has a grandmother who is a frontline healthcare worker. He says earning money and donating it was personal for him.

“It makes me happy that some of our money might be going to her hospital to give them lunch.”

The first meal delivery was Saturday morning at St. Joseph Health in Bryan. Heather Bankston is a registered nurse for the hospital and received the meal on behalf of her coworkers. She says the students’ act of kindness means the world to her and everyone at the hospital.

“It’s just heartwarming, heart-melting, unbelievable. We’re very, very touched,” said Bankston. “All the staff, I told them yesterday about the Anson Jones students raising money to feed us, and everyone was just like, Oh! That is just precious.”

Trackside Kolache Bakery in College Station delivered Saturday’s meals.

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