Some College Station residents concerned by rise in vehicle burglaries

Since January, 61 cases have been reported to CSPD.
Published: Mar. 25, 2021 at 9:16 PM CDT
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COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KBTX) - A recent rise in vehicle burglaries in College Station is concerning some local residents.

KBTX spoke to multiple College Station residents who say someone rummaged through their vehicles but nothing was stolen.

Liza Smith says it happened to her just a couple weeks ago. Smith says she immediately noticed something wrong when she went out to her car.

“The driver’s side door was open and everything from my back seat and my center console were all over. I had stuff all over the passenger seat, and my purse was dumped out,” said Smith.

Smith says she locked her door the night before, and her vehicle was sitting near her front door. Nothing was stolen, she says.

College Station Police say they have noticed a trend of vehicles being broken into and left a mess, but nothing is taken.

Since January, CSPD says 61 reports of vehicle break-ins. Police say that number is likely higher as many people do not report situations like this to the police if nothing is stolen.

Officers say they have seen situations where expensive items like iPads have been left behind, leaving them to consider the potential motive of these break-ins to be to look for drugs or firearms.

“The non-emergency line asked if there were any drugs or firearms in the vehicle, so they expected that’s what they were looking for,” said Smith.

Smith adds that multiple vehicles on her street have been broken into recently, leaving her concerned for her safety.

“I definitely have that feeling in the pit of my stomach, of feeling uncomfortable with someone going through your things, just that loss of safety,” said Smith.

According to, the online tool CSPD uses to track crime, just in the last month, there are 74 reports of vehicle break-ins/thefts from a vehicle.

Bryan Police say they have seen a decrease in vehicle burglaries from the mid-20s last year to just nine.

Local authorities stress it is important to report any break-ins so they can track trends. With that information, they say they are able to place officers to help mitigate this kind of crime.

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