This week’s Classroom Champion is Lacey Wheaton.

Published: Mar. 25, 2021 at 7:24 PM CDT
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News 3 Sports would like to congratulate our latest Classroom Champion, Lacey Wheaton. The Iola High School Senior has a 3.8 GPA, and is currently ranked second in her class.

“She has got to be one of the best prioritizers I have ever seen, because she is never is late on anything. You know they’re given those schedules for when thy are going to be out of class ahead of time. And so she plans ahead and she makes sure she’s going to be able to do what she needs to work on to get it complete. Either before she’s going to miss, or before it’s going to be due, or by the time it’s going to be due. She’s a great prioritizer!” - Debbie Lero, Teacher

“Well, we’re fortunate to have a lot of good kids, but Lacey is definitely the cream of the crop. She’ll just embrace whatever role she’s given. If she’s a cheerleader she’s going to work hard as she can at being a cheerleader and be the captain. You know what, if she’s in volleyball and she’s on the court, she’s playing as hard as she can play. If she’s not on the court, she’s coaching, and has her head in the game and offering tips to the people that are on the court. Just whatever role you give her, she’s going to embrace it and work hard as she can in it.” - Jamie McDougald, Coach

“I try to be a vocal leader, and a leader that people can see change in. Being an underclassman, there would be Seniors that would be like “Oh, you need to keep your grades up.” But then the would turn around and they would fail a test that week. Then it’s kind of like okay you’re telling me to keep my grades up, but you’re not keeping your own grades up. So being a Senior I’ve tried to really say hey, you know you need to be on your stuff, and you know do your school work, and show up to practice on time. But also showing them, you know by making good grades, and by being at practice on time, and performing well in games. It kind of shows them like well, she’s not just telling me, but she’s also she’s showing me what I’m supposed to be doing,” said Wheaton.

After high school, Lacey plans on attending Texas A&M University and she will pursue a degree in Animal Science, and hopes to one day become a Veterinarian.

Congratulations to Lacey Wheaton of Iola High School. This week’s News 3 Sports Classroom Champion!

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