State COVID-19 experts confident about move away from vaccination hubs

Published: May. 3, 2021 at 5:11 PM CDT
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) - As demand for the COVID-19 vaccine declines across the state, the Texas Experts Vaccine Allocation Panel is changing the way they’re distributing doses. Major hubs are beginning to close their doors and now first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine are being sent to smaller providers like pharmacies and doctors’ offices to reach those that couldn’t get their doses at hubs.

Texas Experts Vaccine Allocation Panel member Gerald Parker joined First News at Four to explain why the state is confident that the change in focus is the right move.

“I think our smaller providers will be able to handle this readily,” Parker said, “we’re just at a different phase. Unfortunately, demand is going down, and we need to figure out ways to get the vaccine closer to where people live and work.”

Parker said he believes targeting smaller vaccine providers like pharmacies and doctors’ offices will open accessibility and allow residents to get the shot in a place where they’re more used to receiving healthcare.

“If a vaccine provider needs vaccine there’s plenty of vaccine right now available,” Parker explained, “[providers] can more real-time, anticipate, and put in their needs [with the state].”

He said the shift will allow the panel to better understand how and where vaccines are needed. Parker explained targeting those providers that are seeing higher demand will create a more efficient process as demand for the vaccine declines.

Watch the full interview in the player above.

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