Pandemic Pets: Helping your pet return back to ‘normal’

Like humans, pets will need to adjust back to normal as the world becomes fully vaccinated
Updated: May. 7, 2021 at 5:00 AM CDT
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College Station, Texas (KBTX) - Over the past year, many people have adopted companion animals; however, as individuals become fully vaccinated and return to a more “normal” schedule, reintroducing pets to that similar lifestyle is important too.

First, a schedule is always important to keep in mind when it comes to your pet, according to Sit Means Sit Regional Manager, Madison Wilcox.

“The best way to set a routine is to have a schedule,” said Wilcox. “If you get home from work at the same time every day, plan for dinner at the same time, plan to go potty at the same time, that’s obviously ideal. The other thing is if you are leaving for a long period of time you want your dog to be able to go to the bathroom at some point in the day.”

Wilcox also says consider the age of your dog when setting a routine. She says if they are younger than a year older, you cannot expect to leave them in a kennel for a long period of time.

Like humans, dogs haven’t been around humans either, so they may not know how to act when introduced to groups or if someone comes into the home.

“If we’re bringing new people in, the best thing to do is just tell them ‘hey let my dog come to you let them figure you out.’ We don’t want to over-stress them if they’re not used to being around people, and we also don’t want to see any sort of reactivity, so by letting them come to you, they feel like you’re safe, and they get to decide how comfortable they are with you.”

At Sit Means Sit, one of the big things they are seeing from people is dogs being more hyperactive or reactive from the lack of socialization.

“If you’re seeing reactivity, more than likely, it can be fear reactivity or fear aggression, and they’re needing some basic obedience to feel confident, so they know exactly how they’re supposed to respond,” said Wilcox.

Sit Means Sit offers basic obedience training to help dog owners. To get started, they offer a free consultation with owners and dogs to figure out problem areas and find the best course of action.

Click here to learn more about Sit Means Sit College Station.

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