College Station man turns to community for help after multiple car parts stolen

Updated: Jun. 16, 2021 at 10:46 PM CDT
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COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KBTX) - A College Station man is turning to the community for help after multiple car parts were stolen from his vehicle.

Peter Hamiter says when he came home from a church meeting last Monday night, his vehicle was fine. He said it wasn’t the case just hours later when he left for work. All four of his tires, his radio, subwoofers, keys, and tools were stolen.

“I was definitely pretty bummed,” said Hamiter. “Just being someone that works all the time and doesn’t have a lot of money, you kind of feel violated. But I guess I can also understand the desperation, but not really.”

Hamiter says he works six days a week and long hours, and typically would use this vehicle to get to and from work. When he is not working, he has been working on replacing multiple parts of the engine and other areas. He says his car broke down, began working again, then broke down again.

“Kind of the catch is my lease is up in two weeks, and so I was just on the brink of getting it running, I think, to get it out of here,” said Hamiter. “So it is definitely a set back to not have a vehicle, first of all, but then also to have to scramble with all the other stuff to get it out of here.”

When Hamiter’s brother Matthew found out what happened, he says he could not believe it. Matthew describes his brother as a kind, hardworking person who was just about to catch a break and get his vehicle working again, but then this happened.

Matthew said he created a GoFundMe to help either buy him a new vehicle or fix up the one he has.

“To ask people for help to lift someone up who really needs the help, and would be seriously blessed to have that help, I think it is a good thing for people to come together to do that,” said Matthew Hamiter.

Hamiter says he has been catching rides to work or occasionally being able to take home the work truck. He says he feels so blessed for those who have already donated, and would be incredibly grateful for anyone who decides to help him out too.

“I guess you could say it restored my faith in humanity that was lost when my stuff was stolen. Either way, I will just be happy to get back on wheels,” said Hamiter.

Hamiter says he filed a police report.

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