Mail theft victim leads Brazos County Sheriff’s Deputies to suspect after mail stolen in Smetana

Lorna Landry is accused of stealing less than 10 pieces of mail in Brazos County.
Published: Jun. 22, 2021 at 4:25 PM CDT
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Smetana, Texas (KBTX) - A Somerville woman is in jail Tuesday accused of stealing from mailboxes in Smetana. She was quickly caught after a man saw her at his mailbox.

25-year-old Lorna Landry is facing misdemeanor mail theft charges as a result. Monday morning, Cody Blinka saw a crime happening right in front of him.

“It was about 11:30 yesterday morning. I was doing work around the house and she stopped at my mailbox and immediately, I realized it was definitely not a postal worker so I jumped in my car. And she stopped at my neighbor’s mailbox as well so then I followed her,” said Blinka, a Smetana resident.

Blinka took a photo of the woman leaving the area and jumped in his car to follow her. He stayed on the line with 911 giving dispatchers her location. Sheriff’s Deputies caught up with them and stopped her at OSR and Highway 6. She’s being charged with mail theft and was arrested Monday.

Investigators say Landry admitted to taking mail from mailboxes on Britten Road and nearby Brown Lane. She also didn’t have an explanation on why she had other people’s mail in her vehicle including from a man in Somerville.

“It’s kind of rare that we get information in that quickly and are able to follow up on it that quickly. We’re certainly happy with the outcome of this case,” said Sgt. Trey Oldham, Brazos County Sheriff’s Office.

Oldham said it’s a crime people need to be aware of.

“Mail theft is pretty prevalent right now. It’s not focused in any one area of the county. We see it really in all different areas of the county. So definitely watch out for it,” Oldham said.

Blinka himself works as a package delivery driver.

“You know it’s my job to make sure people receive what they ordered… To me it was a little bit more personal,” said Blinka.

He and investigators say the woman threw some of the mail out of the vehicle as she was being followed.

“I talked to the 911 dispatcher and they told me it was ok to pick up the mail that was thrown out and I retrieved some that was from Somerville and Bryan so it was pretty widespread,” said Blinka.

He plans to keep watch with adding more cameras, including one that will watch the mailbox.

The sheriff’s office says if you see a crime in progress don’t chase them but call 911 and provide as much information as possible.

Landry remains in the Brazos County Jail with bond set at $5,600.

She’s also facing charges for not having a license or vehicle insurance.

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