Bryan Texas Utilities named in lawsuit regarding grid failures from February winter storm

Published: Jul. 9, 2021 at 10:58 PM CDT
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) - Bryan Texas Utilities (BTU) was named in a large civil lawsuit in Harris County, noting failures during February’s winter storm.

For nearly a week, millions of Texans were stuck in their homes with no electricity when a snowstorm stunned the area. In that storm, more than 100 people died.

The lawsuit, Randy Thomas v. NRG Texas Power, has thousands of plaintiffs named from all over the state. One of the plaintiffs is a Bryan resident. That resident named BTU as a defendant in this case.

Brent Wayne Coon, an attorney with Brent Coon & Associates, is one of the attorneys representing clients in this case.

“With this failure, as massive as it was, and as early as it was apparent that there were failures in the operation of the grid and the failure to provide energy to the grid, we thought there was a pretty good case here,” said Coon.

KBTX reached out to BTU, but the utility company says they are unable to comment as the case is in the middle of litigation.

Coon was unable to share the specific reason why the Bryan resident signed on with this lawsuit. He did say he is ready to fight for justice for his clients who faced a multitude of problems during the storm.

“They had frozen pipes that then unfroze after the thaw, had water all over the attic and walls. Others sat there in sub-zero temperatures in their homes for days at a time with no heat sources,” said Coon. “Some of them, unfortunately, relied on oxygen machines at home and other health care machines that run on electricity so they didn’t have that so their health was compromised. As a result, there are a few cases out there that people froze to death.”

Coon says he and the other attorneys involved in this case are working to get their clients money due to financial repercussions from the storm. They’re also pressuring companies to make changes to the grid.

“The simple answer that would have fixed all these problems is ‘fix your power grid,’” said Coon.

The lawsuit has been combined with multiple other lawsuits and will be heard in the 164th District Court in Houston. Coon says because of the nature of the lawsuit and how large it is, it will likely take years.

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