College Station police continue seeing catalytic converter thefts

Close to 30 thefts have been reported since early May.
Published: Jul. 16, 2021 at 5:19 PM CDT
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COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) - College Station police report nearly 30 vehicles in the city have had their catalytic converters stolen since May.

Three converters were stolen from vehicles Thursday and continue to be stolen each week said CSPD. Thieves can steal them in about a minute with a saw and jack making an easy $200. The victim can be out thousands of dollars in repair cost.

“I’m seeing them come out a lot more. We’ve had multiple people come in not knowing why their cars making a noise,” said Dylan Pacetti, who works at an automotive repair store in town. He was disappointed to learn someone on his street was one of the latest victims on Treehouse Trail.

“It almost looks like a metal football in most vehicles and they’ve got, you know, precious metals and all kinds of things that are worth a decent amount of money,” Pacetti explained.

“We have seen that there’s quite a few that occur at hotels and apartments. They don’t generally target homes as much as that but they do happen everywhere,” explained College Station Police Officer William Snell. He said there are precautions you can take like parking in well lit areas, putting the VIN [vehicle identification number] on your catalytic converter, or having a motion sensitive or a vibration sensitive alarm for your vehicle.

“I’m convinced that it’s not just your local, everyday criminals. It’s groups of people,” said Officer Snell.

“Not really that surprised just because I’ve been seeing it so much through my work. It’s not that big of a surprise,. I’m actually kind of of surprised how quickly they’re getting at it,” said Pacetti.

Bryan police said catalytic converter thefts have declined in their city since the start of this year. The Brazos County Sheriff’s Office also said they’ve not seen an increase in these types of thefts in the county recently.

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