Be Remarkable: Amelia McCracken is mentoring students & helping other entrepreneurs

Mother, mentor, friend and cheerleader. These are all ways to describe Amelia McCracken of Bryan.
Published: Jul. 19, 2021 at 5:06 PM CDT
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) - Just a quick peek inside Amelia McCracken’s home office in Bryan reveals two things: She’s a proud Aggie and a fan of superhero comics and movies. She’s got memorabilia and collector’s items scattered on the shelves and walls in her office featuring Superman and other favorites.

Spend a few moments here and you’ll see her own superpower is her desire to mentor and help others around her.

“One of my mottos in life is to leave the ladder down for others. That means, as I’m building my own empire and community, I’m helping others along the way,” said McCracken.

It’s one of the reasons why she and Marie-Anne Holland co-founded Women Entrepreneurs BCS. It’s a group of 1800 women who are there to support each other in their business endeavors.

“We always said from the beginning it’s about community over competition. These are people who would typically be competitors but this is all about encouragement,” said McCracken.

Women Entrepreneurs BCS began as a small lunch-hour meeting with some like-minded businesswomen but quickly expanded to a network of people all pushing one another to succeed.

“Entrepreneurship can be so lonely sometimes but when you have 1800 other women in the same boat with you it’s all about encouragement,” said McCracken.

“We’ve done it the hard way, and then we learned to do it the smart way. We don’t want you to go through every mishap and hurdle we did. From being lonely to being overwhelmed, we have felt it and been there,” said Holland on the group’s webpage.

“It kind of blew up. We had a launch party in August 2019 and 200 or so people showed up,” said McCracken. “Our mission is sometimes to keep going all you need is a single word of encouragement.”

McCracken knows the challenges that can come along with owning a business. She is the founder of MENT - a marketing firm that hires college students.

“MENT is short for mentorship, M-E-N-T, and I started it to help college students build their portfolio and gain real-world experience before they graduate, because when I graduated it was hard to find a job with a small portfolio and not much experience so I wanted to bridge that gap for them before they graduated,” said McCracken.

Lynn Hagan nominated McCracken for this week’s Be Remarkable award.

In her nomination letter, Hagan wrote, ”Very recently, I had the opportunity to work with Amelia on a project with the Women’s Basketball Team in their quest for social justice reform. At the invitation of one of the assistant coaches, Amelia and I met with the team via Zoom during the pandemic to help them keep them focused and aid in morale-boosting activities. She assisted the team in identifying underserved communities and gave them ideas on how they might help such communities. She was able to create a model by which the team could remain relevant in a pandemic. During a season of limited spectators, sometimes only having one spectator in the arena, such morale-boosting and assistance was essential to the success of the team in the SEC and beyond. It was truly a time of giving to Texas A&M when many others could not be engaged in collegiate support. For me, it was a very proud moment as a Former Student, and I know it was for Amelia as well. Amelia is the mother of a toddler which is a job itself. As a mother, a business owner, and an Aggie, she is creating a legacy and making an impact for others in her professional and personal life. I am proud to call Amelia a friend and mentor. She is exactly what is personified by leading in business and service. For these reasons and countless others, I proudly support Amelia McCracken’s nomination.”

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