“Teachers of B/CS Wish Lists” Facebook page helps teachers fill need for classroom supplies

“Being able to provide for both my own family and for the students in my classroom without having to struggle too much with the finances, is going to be an amazing help.”
Published: Jul. 21, 2021 at 3:37 PM CDT
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) - Although no longer in the classroom on a daily basis, a former teacher in Brazos County is on a mission to ensure that teachers and students have the school supplies needed to succeed in the classroom.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, on average, teachers spend $479 out of pocket yearly on supplies for their students and classrooms.

Michelle Taylor, who taught both public and private schools for over 15 years, says it was important to start the page because she knows what teachers are going through and wanted to do her part.

“I think I learned after all of those years of teaching, how much work and passion it takes and so I just wanted to do something for those teachers that are still in it, still working every day, even in the summers,” said Taylor. “I’ve always had a heart for them. I have lots of friends that still are in education and wanted to still give back that way in the community, but through the teachers.”

Besides lifting the burden on teachers, Taylor says in the end it’s all for the students.

“There were years I just wanted to cry because there was this fantastic experiment I wanted to do with the kids, but I had to run to Walmart at 10 o’clock at night, and I didn’t have that much money in those early years,” said Taylor. “A lot comes out of teacher’s pockets. I mean, I know that for a fact being in it, but teachers only get to deduct $250 off their taxes and that’s not enough to pay for a month of school, let alone what they spend the whole year.”

Fulfilled school supply Wishlist.
Fulfilled school supply Wishlist.(KBTX)

Megan Knight, a mom of six, has taught Pre-K and Kindergarten for nine years at St. Joseph Catholic Elementary School in Bryan. She created a wish list on the Facebook page. Her classroom received damage from two hailstorms causing her to repurchase a lot of supplies and equipment.

Knight says having the support of the community will allow her to provide students with extra education options while not having to take from her household.

“We had some roof damage and because of that, we had a leak, and that caused some of my items in my classroom to be damaged. You know a regular year is hard enough, but adding the damaged items, it made it a little bit more difficult,” said Knight.

“Teachers go above and beyond for their students just to make sure that they have an education and experience that they’re going to love and enjoy,” said Knight. “We will do whatever it takes to make sure that those children have what they need and just having the support from the community is just amazing and very much appreciated.”

Taylor says the Facebook page has a vetting process for teachers to ask for supplies to ensure that the resources stay in the community and to make sure no one is taking advantage of the community’s generosity.

“All of these teachers have been verified. They have to email me and send me their photo ID through their email with the school. I make sure that these aren’t scammers just putting a random wish list on there. So they’ve been verified and then they’re allowed to post,” said Taylor.

“I just told them to basically tell a little bit about their story, where they teach so that people can get to know them, and then they can pick the teacher that they kind of connect with and can donate,” said Taylor.

Those wanting to view the Facebook page or donate to a teacher can go to the Facebook page here.

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