Navasota police officer killed in motorcycle accident remembered one year later

Published: Aug. 10, 2021 at 4:49 PM CDT|Updated: Aug. 10, 2021 at 4:50 PM CDT
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ANDERSON, Texas (KBTX) -Tuesday, friends and family of Navasota Police Officer William Cooper held a memorial ceremony outside of the Grimes County Sheriff’s Office.

Cooper was killed in a motorcycle accident in South Dakota last August.

“He was just a really amazing person, would give you the shirt off his back. He just went above and beyond the required duties and then some. I just miss him a lot,” said Officer Zackery Pavlock, Cooper’s best friend.

As everyone gathered around a prayer was said and the flag was lowered at half-mast.

“Obviously that meant a lot to us that they remembered and wanted to honor him in that way,” said Sarah Cooper, William’s sister. “It’s really cool to think about him being in heaven looking down and knowing he’s not even close to forgetting and all the special things that have truly happened and been done for him.”

Sarah says it’s been a tough year for her family but the support they’ve received from both law enforcement and the community has made it bearable.

“It wasn’t just that first week, it wasn’t just that first day it’s been the entire 365 days. People have shown up at my mom’s house to do little fix-it projects, to mow her lawn, to just let her know ‘hey we know where you live and we’re making sure you’re safe and the community around you is safe.’”

Sarah says the new nonprofit Grimes County True Blue Foundation has been another huge support.

“They’ve just treated him with the utmost respect. The Grimes County True Blue Foundation also had reached out to our whole family and offered everything from food, to hotel to any support that they could give and it’s come from his police family the most,” said Sarah.

The foundation was created last year to help families like the Coopers, including to help provide funding for any equipment or finical needs for officers on medical leave.

Sarah says it’s organizations like these and the community she’s wanting to shine a light on as they remember her brother.

“With a lot of negative light on law enforcement, they’re people, they have families. When they lose someone, they cry just like we do, they hurt just like we do, but they still are there to support their community,” she said. “William’s co-workers call him a crusader. He was so proud to be a police officer because it is a brotherhood it is a calling it has value and importance.”

Cooper is asking people to support the Grimes County True Blue Foundation so their work can reach others families like her.

To find out more about the benefit coming up in November click here.

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