Calvert ISD Students return to the classroom for 21-22 school year

Published: Aug. 18, 2021 at 2:32 PM CDT
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CALVERT, Texas (KBTX) -Students in Calvert rose bright and early Wednesday as they made their way to school for the new academic year. School officials say they’re excited to be back for several reasons and students feel the same way.

District superintendent Dr. Thyrun Hurst says it’s great to have all the students back on campus for in-person learning. He says virtual learning is not the best option for all students and, in some cases, caused a gap in school work that will need to be closed. Hurst says students will have to work hard this year to make up for the lost time in the classroom.

“We want to focus on our academic achievement, try to close some of those learning gaps that may have happened during the pandemic with all the virtual and outside learning last school year,” said Hurst. “We all know that the number one source of learning is having a great teacher in front of the students, and by us being able to provide great teachers and, students being there in front of them, we know our learning and those gaps will close.”

Hurst says the district is also working hard to make sure students and staff are as safe as possible. Masks are not mandatory, but they’re highly recommended. Students also have access to hand sanitizer and can also social distance.

“The goals for the year first and foremost is to make sure that our learning environment is safe. We know that the COVID pandemic is still around and exists with the numbers escalating,” said Hurst. “We want to ensure that all students are safe. While we do not have a mask mandate, we are encouraging our students and the staff to wear a mask.”

Hurst says this school year will also be particularly exciting because the district hopes to break ground for its new campus this fall. Voters approved a $10 million bond in May to replace and upgrade the over 100-year-old campus.

“A new campus is something that we’ve needed in this town and community for years. We are building a brand new pre-K through 12 building that all students can be proud of and come to school and learn with new technology on new up-to-date furniture and in rooms that don’t have loud air conditioners running in the classroom where it’s hard to hear the teacher,” said Hurst. “This school has been here 101 years. I graduated from this school in 1990, and it hasn’t much changed since I graduated. The building of the new school is going to be a huge boost in this community and for our students at Calvert ISD.”

Hurst is expecting enrollment to increase once the building is completed.

“We know the old cliché, ‘if you build it, they will come.’ We ended last year with about 166 students. I think we’re starting up already with about 160 students. Once we get final enrollment and kids start settling, normally after labor day, you tend to get your big boost of students. So we’re going to see what those numbers are going to be but, we are looking for enrollment to increase this year and in the years to come.”

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