Bryan mom changes family tree, paying off Habitat for Humanity home early

Published: Sep. 9, 2021 at 11:44 AM CDT
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) - Owning a home doesn’t just change one life; it changes the lives of generations to come.

Take Amanda Franklin’s word for it. Before she became a Habitat for Humanity homeowner, she was living in subsidized housing. It was a difficult cycle to leave.

“The thing was, being on Section 8, every time I got a raise at work, that meant my rent increased,” said Franklin. And with three sons at home, she knew she needed to change her family tree.

Franklin applied to be a Bryan/College Station Habitat for Humanity homeowner three times. After the third try, she received the good news.

“It was a couple days before Christmas, and somebody had just asked me what I wanted for Christmas,” Franklin said, “and I was like, ‘I want a house!’ Lo and behold, a few days later they surprised me at my job.”

It was a Christmas gift for her sons, too.

“They were happy; they were excited,” Franklin said. “They knew it was going to be a place where we’re not going to move anymore, we’re going to be permanent. We’re staying.”

One week-long Habitat “Blitz Build” later, and the Franklin family moved into their new home. Twenty years after that, Franklin paid off her home five years early. She says it feels “awesome” to own the house outright.

“It’s like, this is mine! My name is on the deed,” said Franklin. Now, she sees a new generation enjoying what has become a family home.

“Every chance they get they want to come here, and they just absolutely love it when they’re here,” said Franklin of her young grandchildren.

Like the donated tree in the front yard, Franklin’s equity in the home has grown over the years. In that time, something less tangible has grown, too.

“A sense of security; a sense of pride,” said Franklin. “It goes into that once you know ‘This is what I did; this is what I created.’ It’s like a legacy that can be passed on.”

Sept. 9 is the KBTX and BCS Habitat for Humanity Making Change Possible telethon. Donate here.

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