Sen. Ted Cruz visits Bush School on Texas A&M campus Wednesday

Published: Sep. 8, 2021 at 11:24 PM CDT
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COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KBTX) - Sen. Ted Cruz was in College Station Wednesday afternoon to visit the Bush School of Government and Public Service where he met with leadership and spoke with students.

Cruz says the school’s students “recognize that legacy of service,” and it’s why he believes many of them will be well equipped to solve the future problems facing Texans and Americans alike. He says he encouraged them to follow their passions and improve the lives of others.

“It’s encouraging to see young people who are beginning a career and dedication to public service, and young people who want to make a difference in the world,” Cruz said. “There’s a seriousness of purpose here at the Bush School, and a significant part of that, no doubt, is the legacy of George Herbert Walker Bush.”

Cruz says he had robust conversations on Texas A&M’s campus with the students who asked incisive questions, and they talked a lot about jobs and economic growth in Texas.

“Every part of Texas, Texans want more jobs and higher wages,” Cruz said. “The keys to getting them, I talked about with the students, are creating an environment where small businesses can expand and grow and prosper, and the two best levers government has to encourage that are low taxes and low regulations. Texas is the premiere example. People are flooding to the state of Texas.”

Regarding the pandemic, Cruz feels we’re making progress, and continued efforts should be made to protect the vulnerable without shutting down businesses and schools. He says we’ve seen far too many elected officials making those decisions in the past year to shut them down. To him, they’re decisions that haven’t made sense because they’ve destroyed millions of jobs and people’s livelihoods.

“One of the consequences of those decisions to shut down millions of small businesses is we’ve seen very real health effects from that, whether increased challenges from mental illness and depression, whether increased substance abuse or alcohol abuse, whether increased domestic violence,” Cruz said. “When government destroys someone’s livelihood and their job, it has horrific consequences.”

He also says healthcare decisions should be left up to individuals in consultation with their doctor.

“I believe in vaccines. I’ve been vaccinated. My family’s been vaccinated, and I encourage people to get vaccinated,” Cruz said. “But I also believe in individual choice and freedom. I don’t think the government should be forcing you to get vaccinated if you don’t want to.”

Cruz received a lot of attention during the winter storm this year. He was asked about his confidence in the state’s power grid holding up next winter. He said he’s hopeful that the work done by lawmakers in the past legislative session will lead to some meaningful improvements.

“I’m glad the state legislature addressed it, had hearings on it, examined the policy, and passed reforms to improve the reliability of the grid,” Cruz said. “We also want energy that is affordable, and so we don’t want to see government mandates put on the grid that drive the cost of energy so high that a working family can’t afford to pay their bills. I think there’s a balance that needs to be struck.”

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