With help from Habitat for Humanity, Limón family received “a key to a better life”

Published: Sep. 9, 2021 at 11:19 PM CDT
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) - Audiel and Marivel Limón have lived in their house in Bryan for about 14 years now, and they say they never would have been able to move in there without the help of Habitat for Humanity.

The Limóns say they are forever thankful for the safety and security they’ve received after moving into their house on Mervins Run back in 2007. They say their life in their old neighborhood was filled with a lot of doubt for their three children.

”Living in that neighborhood was, as I mentioned before, a lot of fear,” Marivel said. “There were a lot of instances where there were various situations where, as a parent, it was just really hard to witness having young children that still had a lot of learning to do.”

Those five years were filled with their kids seeing neighbors fighting and drinking, but that all changed when Audiel and Marivel took a leap of faith with Habitat for Humanity who helped them purchase their new home. Marivel says it was a big relief when they were approved to buy it.

”Back in 2007 when they gave us the keys to this house, we told them that not only are they giving us the keys to a home, but they’re also giving us a key to opportunities and a better life,” Marivel said.

The Limón family moved into this house back in 2007 with the help of Habitat for Humanity.
The Limón family moved into this house back in 2007 with the help of Habitat for Humanity.(KBTX)

The Limóns say the entire process of buying their home took about six months. Marivel says it took a lot of trust in not only the process itself and the Habitat for Humanity ambassadors, but also trust in themselves and what they had.

Audiel says he loves the fact he can come home at any time of day or night and always feel safe coming into the house. Whether it’s just hanging out with his friends or going for a run, there’s nothing about the neighborhood that makes him feel like he could be in any danger.

There are plenty of tangible aspects of their house they appreciate, too.

”The best part that I like about my house is that the backyard is pretty big and that I like being behind the grill, so I really enjoy that,” Audiel said. “I really enjoy being in my front porch too, and just sitting there while the sunset is going on.”

“My favorite part is definitely the living room and my kitchen,” Marivel said. “I get to enjoy providing for my family while cooking for them, and just having a peaceful night while resting, laughing, and enjoying time as a family together.”

The Limóns were unsure if they could afford the house, but their big risk paid off. They say watching their kids grow into professionals and living each memory has been a blessing.

”Being able to grow in faith and with my husband as well in this marriage, doing this together, has definitely been the best for my family,” Marivel said.

The Limóns say they are forever grateful to the Habitat for Humanity ambassadors and other organizations who were so generous in helping them get where they are today.

“Again, we want to thank Habitat for Humanity for the wonderful neighbors that we have, and the individuals who have helped us accomplish this,” Audiel said. “I remember all the personnel being very kind and generous with us.”

“Not only are they providing a home for these families, but they’re providing faith for them to grow a beautiful family and live beautiful memories in these homes,” Marivel said.

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