City of Bryan to spend $2.8 million on flooding improvements in Oaks Subdivision

Published: Sep. 13, 2021 at 4:48 PM CDT
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) -The City Of Bryan is looking at plans for a $2.8 million capital improvement project in the Oaks Subdivision.

Residents like John Swails say flooding has been an issue for years.

“When it rained, I mean we get three, four, or five inches, the water literally flows over the curb here,” said Swails.

Swails and his neighbors have documented the flooding and have voiced their concerns to the city.

“There is no drainage system on this side of the street from Barak all the way to almost the end of the street of Old Oaks Drive,” said Swails. “That’s our biggest complaint and the way I understand is that’s going to change.”

Bryan Civil Engineer Kelly Sullivan says it’s a problem they’re working to fix.

“I’ve spoken with so many residents about where they’re seeing problems with drainage at their house. We’ve met with some residents out in the field and definitely take that into account and design in terms of where we’re installing or proposing to install new storm elements for example,” said Sullivan “We like to meet with residents and make sure their concerns are heard.”

The project will include improving and installing storm sewers on Hillside Drive, Green Ridge Circle, Old Oaks Drive, Valley Oaks, and Barak.

“There will be some street improvements with the project as well. One unique aspect is we’re proposing to invert Hillside Drive so that the profiles are more concaved than convex and installing trench drains down the center so that’ll help catch some storm water as well,” said Sullivan.

Swails along with his neighbors will head to city hall Monday as city staff explains the plans to residents along with answering any questions they may have.

“Everybody’s concerned about what the plans going to be and how it is. Of course, I’ve been in touch with a certain individual down there on exactly what they’re going to do,” said Swails. “They are going to put a drain hole right here in my front yard to carry some of this water out and I’m happy about that.”

The city is finishing up the design phase and hopes to begin construction February 2022. The project is estimated to last anywhere from six to eight months.

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