Caldwell ISD sends junior high class home for week due to COVID activity

A high school student was recently hospitalized with the virus.
Published: Sep. 16, 2021 at 4:39 PM CDT
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CALDWELL, Texas (KBTX) - A Caldwell High School student was recently hospitalized with COVID-19. The district tells us he is still learning from home as a precaution. It’s one of the latest issues the school district in Burleson County is facing from the virus.

At Caldwell Junior High one class was sent home this week after two teachers became sick. One of those teachers tested positive for COVID-19.

Caldwell ISD keeps seeing COVID-19 activity shift from campus to campus, but most of their activity is happening at the high school with around 20 active cases.

“The year started off a little hot. We never closed any classes or classrooms, but this week we did close one special needs classroom down for the week and they’ll return to school on Tuesday. But it only impacts about seven,” said Caldwell ISD Superintendent Andrew Peters.

He says they’ve conducted more than 1,000 rapid COVID tests on students and staff since last year.

“We give sometimes as many as 40 or 50 a day,” Peters said.

“Just today we had a couple kiddos that actually were on campus when they got tested and tested positive and so we really want to cut down on that as much as we can,” said Tracy Ayers, Caldwell ISD District Nurse.

Kristen Orostieta, a Caldwell ISD parent and former school board member is pleased with the protocols the district has in place.

“I feel like they’re encouraging you to not come to school if you’re feeling sick or if you have any symptoms,” said Orostieta.

“We’re doing a good job keeping up with cleaning and keeping ourselves protected as best we can,” said Peters.

Another challenge they have seen are breakthrough cases among teachers.

“We know of at least two, there’s probably a couple more, but I personally know of two that were vaccinated and have been tested positive for COVID after their vaccination,” said Peters.

The district is currently at about one percent of known cases amongst students and staff. If that number reaches five percent they’d have to close a campus and move virtually.

They have 1,810 students enrolled, up from last year.

We have Caldwell ISD’s COVID update info here.

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