College Station police ask residents to pay closer attention to parking ordinances on game days

Published: Sep. 16, 2021 at 11:21 PM CDT
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COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KBTX) - College Station police and code enforcement are asking residents to pay closer attention to parking ordinance on game days.

They say this is for public safety purposes so fire trucks and ambulances can access neighborhood roads in case of an emergency during a game. Some residential roads are so narrow that emergency responders have a difficult time navigating them promptly when cars are parked on both sides of the street.

“Anywhere in the city where these specific violations of parking in a no parking zone on the streets that are very narrow, or parking blocking a fire hydrant, or parking in a fire lane, those are the specific violations that we’re especially concerned of that can impact life safety in our community,” CSPD Public Information Officer Tristen Lopez said.

“Game days can be rather hectic and rather crowded. You have people walking in the street and the side of the road. We want to make sure that the roads are clear and safe for everybody,” College Station Code Enforcement Supervisor Julie Caler said. “We want to make sure that nobody’s parking in the no parking areas or committing other parking violations.”

CSPD runs a special operation in the Southside neighborhood each game day for this very purpose. Lopez says the reason one side of those narrow streets are designated no parking are to ensure large ambulances and ladder trucks can access residential areas.

“Somebody could need an ambulance for health or medical reasons,” Lopez said. “There could be a structure fire or something that calls for a large police response.”

Code enforcement assists police with enforcement while also educating those who may commit violations on game days.

“What code enforcement does on game days is we help the police department in finding these vehicles that are parked illegally,” Caler said. “We also are looking for any vehicles that are parked in the yard or parked in the grass.”

Caler says residents who allow cars to park in their yards will be given one warning before more severe action is taken.

“Once we’ve educated you, if that house is in violation again, it’ll be an automatic summons to court,” Caler said.

Caler says there can be a high level of congestion from cars parked on both sides of the street coupled with crowds walking on the roads into the stadium.

“We are trying to remove that congestion and keep that bottleneck down so that emergency vehicles can get to where they need to get as quickly as possible,” Caler said.

College Station towed 20 vehicles on the first game day of the season on September 4, compared to just one on the Saturday before (August 28) and after (September 11) game day combined. Police issued roughly three times as many parking tickets on that day compared to those two Saturdays with no football game.

“I think it’s just a good thing to stress that it’s a life safety reason that we’re here, and that we have to dedicate police personnel on such a busy day as a game day to focus on parking,” Lopez said. “Please help us in ensuring the ability for emergency vehicles to access the neighborhood by not parking in one of those on-street no parking zones.”

For more information on where and how to park legally on game days, or alternative means of transportation to Kyle Field, click here.

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