Two shootings in one month at College Station apartment, neighbors concerned for safety

Published: Sep. 17, 2021 at 5:44 PM CDT
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COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KBTX) - Friday, a shooting occurred for the second time this month at an apartment complex off University Oaks and Stallings.

College Station police were called to the scene around 7:20 a.m., the same time parents like Amber Ray were getting their kids off to school.

“I heard like a bunch of yelling and muffled screaming and yelling and then you could hear sirens coming from all different directions,” said Ray.

Ray says police were headed to the park behind her home where she believes suspects ran to.

“I was really scared cause like I said we were just walking to the car,” said Ray.

According to College Station Police, an altercation broke out in the parking lot, resulting in shots fired.

“It makes me feel horrible. I never would have thought that my daughter would see something like that. I want to protect her and keep her from things like that,” said Ray.

Ray says on top of the shootings, the park in the area hasn’t seemed safe lately.

“You hear people out here in the park and you don’t see anyone because it’s so dark out here. The only things that are lit is the little sidewalks that go all the way around but what about the middle and what about the people that are out here at this basketball court in the dark,” said Ray.

Ray says she plans on asking the city to add additional lighting and to ask for more police patrolling in the area.

“I’m hoping that they will bring more lighting to brighten it up to where we know and can see and also if they could patrol a little bit more,” said Ray. “I just hope that everyone can just get along and remember that all these little kids are watching this stuff.”

College Station police ask anyone that sees suspicious behavior to call or text 979-764-3600.

“It’s always most useful if you can do so either while the suspicious activity is occurring or immediately after,” said Tristen Lopez with College Station Police Department.

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