College Station neighborhood wants increased police patrol after summer of car burglaries

For the past couple of months, a College Station neighborhood has been having problems with car break-ins and vandalism.
Published: Sep. 19, 2021 at 11:00 PM CDT
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COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KBTX) - For the past couple of months, a College Station neighborhood has been having problems with car break-ins and vandalism.

Francisco Roman has been living in his neighborhood directly across the street from Wolf Pen Creek Amphitheater for about a year now, but just starting this summer in July, he’s been the victim of car burglaries and vandalism on three different occasions. He says the latest case happened Saturday night.

“Last night, we had an issue with my daughter’s car. It got hit with a flat tire,” Roman said. “I guess they tried to break into it, but this morning when I found out about it, the tire was flat already.”

Roman says his wife’s wallet was the most valuable item that’s been stolen, but he’s starting to feel uneasy at night because it’s become a repeating occurrence.

“All night and late night, I just don’t feel comfortable to leave anything valuable outside of my house,” Roman said. “I feel unsafe right now, but during the day, I don’t see anything wrong.”

A number of Roman’s neighbors on Colgate Drive say they’ve been hit too, including Jennifer Barbeire. She says she forgot to lock her car after running out to grab something one night three or four weeks ago.

“The next morning I came home to my car just kind of covered inside and out with pistachios, so obviously somebody was in my car,” Barbeire said. “I soon found out later they had stolen some prescription medication out of my car.”

Barbeire says she filed a police report and installed cameras outside her house after the break-in. She says all that has made her feel more secure. But in light of what happened Saturday night, both Roman and Barbeire hope police will increase patrol around their neighborhood at night.

“I just want to see them check it out and pass by more routinely in this area so we can just feel more secure just in case something happens,” Roman said. “To call a place home, I’d like to be able to feel safe.”

“I’m really not used to this, honestly,” Barbeire said. “I’ve lived in College Station for a while, but I just moved here over the summer. It’s actually the first time this has happened to me. It just wasn’t expected at all.”

KBTX reached out to College Station police to get more information on these cases. If you know anything about these crimes, you’re urged to contact police.

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