TxDOT adds flashing signals, new street lighting at 8 intersections including along Highway 30

The safety project costs just under $1 million.
Published: Sep. 23, 2021 at 4:28 PM CDT
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) - TxDOT is adding eight new flashing lights at intersections around the Brazos Valley. Two of them have been added on Highway 30 in Grimes and Brazos Counties.

TxDOT has been making safety improvements along that section of road in recent years from lowering speed limits to this new project in 2021.

A pickup truck driver is still recovering from injuries after a violent crash with a box truck early Wednesday morning on Highway 30 near Bird Pond Road. DPS believes speeding was a factor there on Highway 30 and the box truck was pulling out of a private driveway.

TxDOT recently installed a flashing caution light at Bird Pond Road and drivers and nearby business owners say Highway 30 is becoming an even busier road with lots of truck and vehicle traffic.

“We do see quite a few people speeding,” said Veronica Fly, Dirt Road Rustics owner.

Fly has a close view of the daily traffic on Highway 30 and says she’s glad to see TxDOT looking at safety improvements.

“It does make you more aware when you see the flashing yellow light and the flashing red lights, it makes you aware,” she said.

A few miles over in Grimes County, TxDOT has also installed flashing caution and red lights, and overhead street lights for Highway 30 at County Road 175 near the King Oaks Neighborhood.

TxDOT is adding beacons like these as part of a $990,316.51 Highway Safety Improvement Program. TxDOT says they chose these locations based on data analysis that includes accident history in these areas

“I just wish [motorists] would slow down just a little bit to get through our industrial areas,” said Michelle Wagner-Yeatts, a College Station driver and Account Executive at FireTron.

Her office is next to Highway 30. She and other drivers think patrols for speeding and improvements by TxDOT are helping.

“I think the lowered speed limits been helpful. I think the flashing lights at Bird Pond at least alert to a more dangerous intersection and definitely Fitch and Highway 30, the stoplight there has been amazing,” said Yeatts.

“I think people just be more aware of where they’re driving and realizing that Highway 30 is actually a place of business now because I know in the past it was very sparse out here,” said Fly.

As part of the project, TxDOT is also adding flashing caution lights and new street lights in Brazos County on State Highway 21 at Smetana Road, FM 60 at Lightsey Lane and Highway 47 at FM 1688 (Leonard Road).

Other intersections for the project also are in Grimes and Washington Counties.

Grimes County - Highway 6 at FM 1227

Washington County - U.S. 290 at Malinsowski Lane

Highway 36 at Salem Road

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