COVID-19 mobile antibody infusion center opens on Texas A&M campus

Published: Sep. 27, 2021 at 10:57 PM CDT
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COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KBTX) - A COVID-19 mobile antibody infusion center opened at Student Health Services on the Texas A&M campus last Friday.

There are more than a dozen antibody infusion centers across the state, and now there’s one in the Bryan-College Station area. While the vaccine is an important tool that helps prevent people from getting the virus, these infusion centers provide treatment to patients who have tested positive for COVID-19.

“The mobile infusion team is brought by the state and they come to help people who have positive COVID,” Texas A&M Associate Director for Medical Services Jim Fish said. “With certain conditions, they can give them this Regeneron infusion, which is very helpful to help them recover properly.”

Although the center itself is only for university students, faculty, and staff, treatment is available and free to the entire community. Fish says it takes about an hour to administer the infusion.

“If another physician in town orders this and they go through the process, they will actually go to the residence of the individual and give the infusion there,” Fish said. “If you’re from Texas A&M, on the student health website we have a spot where you can go, and the ordering physician can put the information in there, which will go directly to the state team. They will process it and, if approved, create a time to meet with them.”

Anyone seeking an infusion must get the approval of their doctor first. Patients must also have proof of a positive COVID test and have been showing symptoms for fewer than 10 days since that positive result. They also cannot be hospitalized due to COVID or require oxygen therapy.

Fish calls it a vital resource for the community.

“People who are not getting the vaccine are the ones who are really in danger of ending up hospitalized,” Fish said. “Now at least if they refuse to get vaccinated, or do not want to get vaccinated, which is their choice, but if they’re positive and they have these particular co-morbidities that makes them eligible for the infusion, they can get the infusion which should dampen or tamper the effects of COVID.” Fish said.

The FDA granted emergency use authorization for this monoclonal antibody treatment for COVID-19, and it’s been approved for non-hospitalized adults and children over the age of 12.

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