Mother gives impassioned plea to public to find missing toddler

The sheriff’s office says 3-year-old Christopher Ramirez chased a neighbor’s dog into the woods in the Foxfire neighborhood off FM 1774.
Published: Oct. 6, 2021 at 5:14 PM CDT|Updated: Oct. 7, 2021 at 3:41 PM CDT
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PLANTERSVILLE, Texas (KBTX) - The Grimes County Sheriff’s Office and many other volunteer groups and first responders continue searching for a missing child in the Plantersville area and the sheriff says they will not rest until he’s located.

Sheriff Don Sowell says 3-year-old Christopher Ramirez chased a neighbor’s dog into the woods Wednesday afternoon and has since been missing.

In an impassioned plea to the public, Christopher’s mother Araceli Nunez is asking for help finding her baby boy. A Grimes County deputy translated for Nunez during the Thursday afternoon press conference.

Nunez said it took about two minutes for her to realize that Christopher had run off and when she realized he was gone she immediately left to go look for him.

“I ran fast calling his name and he never answered,” said Nunez.

Through her tears Nunez said she thinks someone has her son, but Sheriff Sowell said there has been zero evidence of an abduction in the investigation.

“There’s nothing to show us at this point of any foul play or abduction,” said Sowell.

The sheriff’s office and other law enforcement agencies are searching an area of about two square miles.

“We’re regrouping and doing another round of searching with a fresh team,” said Sowell.

At a press conference Thursday morning Sowell said Wednesday night’s search didn’t yield any new results.

“We’re now re-going back to square one to think about if we missed anything,” said Sowell. “We canvased the neighborhood yesterday. Three times. Four times. A few people had cameras on their front of their houses. We checked all of those out. Everything is fitting in place but have not found the boy. And that’s just the facts of it at this point.”

The child was last seen between 1:30-2 p.m. Wednesday in the 10000 block of Deer Park Circle. That’s east of FM 1774 near Mill Creek north of Todd Mission.

“At this time there’s no foul play suspected,” said Sheriff Sowell. The sheriff says every place they can possibly think of has been searched in that area including the handful of homes in the area. They’re also checking as many vehicles as possible since the family says he likes to go into cars.

Sowell said law enforcement and volunteers were listening for the cries of the young boy last night, but didn’t hear anything.

“No out cries of a three year old being hungry after two hours. I don’t care what language they speak. They’re hungry. They’re thirsty. They’re going to cry out. We have not heard that. To be quite frank about it,” said Sowell.

Ramirez was wearing a bright green shirt, unknown color shorts, and red Mickey Mouse shoes. He’s about 3 feet tall, has brown eyes and hair, and weighs about 40-45 pounds.

Sheriff Sowell says when Ramirez disappeared, he was with members of his family who had just returned to the home from selling food and drinks on the side of a road at a different location. His mother and grandmother own a food truck, according to Sowell. They were unpacking things from their vehicle while the child was playing with the neighbor’s dog. Sheriff Sowell says the family was distracted with the unpacking for only a few moments and when they turned around Ramirez had disappeared. According to Sheriff Sowell, a family member and a neighbor saw him go into the woods. The dog eventually came out of the woods but Ramirez did not.

Multiple agencies are there assisting with the searching including area law enforcement agencies, fire departments, and there was a DPS helicopter that has been used to help search by air. Search dogs have also been brought in and teams are using drones and being sent into the woods in groups to search as much ground as possible.

Sowell says search dogs used scents from blankets and pillows and followed a scent trail to a small pond on Wednesday.

Two registered sex offenders live nearby but their homes have been checked, according to Sowell. All neighbors have cooperated with the investigation and home cameras have been checked as well.

“He’s hungry. Scared. Nighttime, we had flash lights. Had their helmet lights on and no outcry that we know of. That anybody heard. That what’s heartbreaking. That what’s just heartbreaking,” said Sowell.

The Sheriff says they are asking people not come out and help search for Christopher at this time. With help from numerous law enforcement agencies and two-mile perimeter to search they are no longer in need of the public’s help.

Anyone with information about the child should call the Grimes County Sheriff’s Office at 936-873-2151.

The Amber Alert Network Brazos Valley organization is assisting with the search, but an Amber Alert is not issued because there’s no indication Ramirez has been abducted.

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