Members of St. Thomas Aquinas Church host Public Rosary Rally Sunday

Published: Oct. 10, 2021 at 9:42 PM CDT
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) - Members of St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church hosted a public rosary rally at Sue Haswell Park Sunday afternoon.

Organizers say they did this to pray for our nation’s leaders during a time of intense political and social division, especially when people seem to have difficulty finding a way to agree on anything. They felt the best way they could have an impact was through a public showing of unity.

”We’re looking at our world today, so divisive, so many arguments. We have no unity,” Meredith Olson, one of the event’s organizers and members of St. Thomas Aquinas Church, said. “We’re coming today to call on our blessed mother to pray together the rosary, which is a powerful weapon for us, for peace and unity in our world.”

“Bringing the community together is what’s important here, and having help from our lady, the Virgin Mary,” Carlos Estrada, who also helped organize the rally, said. “We’re praying all together as a community. This community is beautiful and has shown me many, many things. This town being so diverse, that’s what I love about here. You can have all types of people come together for the same goal.”

This public rosary rally was just one of 20,000 others like it being held across the nation Sunday. Olsen says they hope it will help inspire those who attended to work toward solving these problems dividing the country.

“If we don’t try, nothing will change. That’s exactly why we’re doing it,” Olsen said. “We can stay in our churches and pray and do things among ourselves, but to come out in the public, to make ourselves vulnerable, we need to stand up and be heard.”

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